WHEST phono preamplifier Default Whest Three Signature phono stage
WHEST phono preamplifier Default Whest Three Signature phono stage WHEST phono preamplifier Default Whest Three Signature phono stage

Whest Three Signature phono stage


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whest THREE Signature, Dual Mono Construction:

Class A - output stage

As in all Whest Audio phono preamplifiers, the Whest THREE Signature has a fully discrete output stage. This and the omission of an output capacitor means that the output of the device is directly coupled to the subsequent preamplifier. Even the best, most audiophile-grade output capacitor would degrade the quality of the whist three output stage's performance - this design, as inherent in the Whest Three, guarantees an incredibly high level of performance.

XLR outputs

True balanced outputs powered by Class A output are standard on the new whest THREE. Highest quality levels are also standard on the IC chips used to control symmetric processes - the Whest Three Signature processes the signals exactly the same as a high-end microphone or mixer. This means perfect balanced supply when using long connection cables.

Terminator options

The whest THREE Signature features 8 resistance and 8 amplification options for the ultimate in flexibility when combined with today's number of pickups.

The resistor options are: 100, 220, 330, 470, 1k6, 15k, and 47kOhm

MM-Gain: 42dB and 46dB
High Output MC: 50dB, 53dB, and 56dB
Low Output MC: 60dB, 65dB and 72dB

The default settings that whest THREE ships with are 65dB / 100Ohm, which will be appropriate for 95% of MC cartridges today. For the other 5%, only remove 2 M3 screws under the main unit for unrestricted access to both the resistor settings and the gain switches.

HVDM power supply

Special customization for the whest THREE Signature: a new external power supply. H (igh) V (oltage) D (ual) M (ono) - inside an extra whist designed extremely low noise high current ring coil transformer. Unlike the off-the-shelf transformers, this transformer has been designed to be noise-free and to use the tiny signals of a pickup.
Low mechanical noise means less noise on the power rail and with "specific secondary outputs" it means that the key audio circuits in whest THREE Signature only "see" what "should be seen".

Electric wire

In order to connect the whest THREE Signature to the HVDM power strip, whest Audio 2 has developed special XLR cables that are actually oversized for the Whist Three Signature main unit in terms of "amp" power. Included is an RCA-RCA 1.2M OFC Audiophile NF cable and 3,5mm Jack to RCA NF cable to connect your Whest THREE Signature for high resolution with both your audio system and your computer.

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