Technics SU-C700 Stereo Integrated Amplifier DAC Phono Speaker Setup!


€ 1,289.00 € 1,299.00

The fully digital signal processing of the SU-C700 stereo power amplifier guarantees precise control of the connected speakers and enables an exemplary music experience with high transparency, great detail,a lot of naturalness and perfect stage illustration:


This optimization algorithm works with digital signal processing to achieve an ideal impulse response. The correction processing based on this new algorithm achieves a flat frequency response, unlike conventional amplifiers - both in amplitude and phase. The result is a sound reproduction with a very precise spatiality.

Ultra-fast, low-noise linear power supply

The stabilized power supply circuit responds precisely to high power requirements. The combination of high-current Schottky diodes, a rectifier circuit with electrolytic capacitors and a comprehensive voltage stabilization guarantees a generous power supply in all conditions.

In the digital audio field, improving the clock's precision plays an important role in sound quality. The clocking module is the reference point for the entire digital process. However, the noise from the power supply is detrimental to the clock circuit, which is why Technics has introduced the battery-powered clock circuit. This has been used successfully in the past with analog amplifiers. The result is an improved timing precision, resulting in a more defined sound and a sensitive spatial expressiveness.

Accurate digital technology
JENO engine
(Jitter Elimination and Noise Shaping Optimization)
Load Adaptive Phase Calibration
Ultra-fast, low-noise linear power supply
Battery operated clock generator
Extremely torsion-resistant metal double chassis
Definitive Technics Design
Solid aluminum body
Large, white illuminated level meter
Symmetrical structure
45W + 45W (1kHz, THD 0.3%, 8Ω, 20kHz LPF)
70W + 70W (1kHz, THD 0.5%, 4Ω, 20kHz LPF)
Input sensitivity / input impedance
LINE 200mV / 22kΩ, PHONO (MM) 2.5mV / 47kΩ
frequency response
LINE 20Hz - 80kHz (-3dB, 8Ω), PHONO (MM) 20Hz - 20kHz (RIAA DEVIATION ± 1dB, 8Ω), COAXIAL1 / 2 / 3 20Hz - 90kHz (-3dB, 8Ω)
load impedance
Analog inputs
LINE x1, PHONO (MM) x1
digital inputs
Coaxial Digital x3, Optical Digital, USB-B
USB Audio Class Specification
USB Audio Class 2.0, Asynchronous mode
Supported formats
DSCYes (2.8224MHz, 5.6448MHz)
PCMYes (32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz / 16, 24, 32bit)
Headphone jack
System Connection System Control Input / Output (Φ3.5mm Jack)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
340 132 x x 325mm
Approximately 8.3kg
Remote control, power cable, manual

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Test Results

Hi-fi test
Highlight hi-fi test

"The state-of-the-art integrated amplifier effectively utilizes digital technology and, thanks to impedance correction, provides the best sound for the connected speaker."


"... the SU-C700 is characterized by a touching fan-out of timbres, a meticulous, extensive spatial representation and unbridled joy of playing."

Stereoplay 2 / 2015 "Overall: Good - Very Good Sound: Top Class"

"Powerful, yet compact Class-D amplifier with meaningful, complete equipment including HD-capable D / A converter and USB-PC connection Sound-wise flawless and lively with extended, handy room presentation."

HiFi vision
Highlight, silver class, outstanding

"The Return of a Legend"
"A real highlight for demanding hi-fi fans"

Audio Test 2 / 2015very good

"Technics pays tribute to his Ursprung as a classic hi-fi manufacturer and should therefore also convince old-established analog trailer of his hybrid amplifier."

Audio Test 2 / 2015very good

"Compliment, it was said, voices, fast popping piano runs or the tinkling of percussion cymbals, he helps to bright, thriving and agile liveliness."

Audio Video Photo Image 5 / 2015 good (2,1)

"Technics is back - and lives up to its reputation - the C700 has everything you could wish for: classic, high quality design, great features and a sound that makes music fans rave about it"

Stereo 5 / 2015 Sound Level: 72%, Value for Money: Excellent

"Classical virtues such as motorpoti and pointer instruments, as well as modern circuit techniques and top-class workmanship, as well as a sound quality that is not self-evident in this price range."

HiFi Digital Value for money: excellent

"The integrated amplifier is characterized by its agile, agile playing style with a well-ordered spatial image, which is not self-evident in this price range."

Digital Tested 5 / 2015very good

"Gold-plated connectors, many digital connections, stylish design, LED illuminated VU meter"