Technics Speaker Technics SB-C700 pair
Technics Speaker Technics SB-C700 pair Technics Speaker Black Technics SB-C700 pair Technics Speaker White Technics SB-C700 pair Technics Speaker Technics SB-C700 pair Technics Speaker Technics SB-C700 pair Technics Speaker Technics SB-C700 pair Technics Speaker Technics SB-C700 pair Technics Speaker Technics SB-C700 pair Technics Speaker Technics SB-C700 pair

Technics SB-C700 pair


€ 1,449.00 € 1,499.00

THE reference in this price range!

Thanks to the point sound source concept, the SB-C700 2-Wege loudspeakers create the highest level of transparency, precise spatial imaging and excellent depth graduation.

Speaker system with point sound source

So that sound also receives a real spatial expressiveness, must the wave fronts of the loudspeaker sound arrive at the same time at the listener? regardless of the listening position. In other words, the loudspeaker system should have only a single point sound source. With the SB-C700, the newly developed, flat, coaxial 2-Wege loudspeaker unit (low / mid and high frequency unit) realizes a point sound source, which enables a smoothly directed characteristic over the entire frequency range without level drops. That's why the Technics loudspeaker system offers superb positioning and spatial imaging.

Phase Precision driver (coaxial 2-way flat speaker system):

Technics has developed a coaxial 2-way flat speaker unit for the faithful reproduction of the whole audible frequency band from the bass to the highest treble range. The low / midrange diaphragm consists of a high-strength carbon fiber fabric surface and an aluminum honeycomb carrier. The flat structure of the piston-like moving low / midrange diaphragm eliminates interfering interference. The chassis made of die-cast aluminum and a structure of resonance-dissipating struts prevent unwanted resonances.
All measures guarantee a sensitive bass and midrange sound reproduction. Also, the position of the dome tweeter in the center was adjusted exactly to the midrange diaphragm to achieve linear phase reproduction. The tweeter dome is made of super light and stiff aluminum, which also reproduces ultra high frequency sounds up to 100 kHz. this is a masterpiece for audiophile ears.

Rigid body with tapered design

The loudspeaker housing has the task of safely receiving the driver units. Even unwanted resonances should be suppressed and a gentle sound radiation without edge reflections guaranteed. The 42 mm thick sidewalls minimize edge aberrations. The sandwich panels used have a different thickness for controlled resonance damping. Unwanted resonances in the interior are effectively mitigated by the different wall thicknesses and the rigidity of the housing. The acoustic damping material, its placement and housing volume have been optimized for each chassis to suppress standing waves inside the enclosure. The ring, which surrounds the rear suspension of the main chassis, is made of a material of high internal damping, thus suppressing all the sound components that occur next to the sound controlled by the speaker diaphragms. The high-gloss housing is created in an elaborate process by multiple painting, grinding, polishing and finishing with a high degree of craftsmanship. The case looks beautiful and prevents the finest vibrations that arise on the case surface, thus contributing to the reproduction of the true-to-original, spatial sound image. The front cover protects the membranes and is held magnetically; so there are no disturbing elements on the front panel, which could lead to impairment of sound quality. The cover can of course be removed at any time.

Illustration of loudspeaker system with point sound source

High quality crossover

To maximize the performance of each speaker cabinet and achieve maximum balance, the extremely precise crossover design has been designed in an elaborate process. Only high-quality components such as polyester film capacitors, silicone-damped ferrite coils, air coils and a wiring made of oxygen-free copper wire were used for the production.

Ultra Wide Range Reproduction

The Technics SB-C700 speaker system can play high-definition music sources with a frequency range between 20 Hz and 100 kHz. In addition, the system is equipped with a coaxial 2-Wege flat speaker unit. The result is a true-to-life music reproduction with all subtleties.

Emotive Acoustic technology
Speaker system with point sound source
Ultra Wide Range reproduction
Phase Precision Driver (coaxial 2 flat panel speaker system)
High quality crossover
Rigid and torsion-free body with tapered design
Definitive Technics Design
High-quality, white piano lacquer finish
Whole-shell body with tapered design
Magnetically fixed loudspeaker grille
2 coaxial 2-way bass reflex speaker
Woofer / Tweeter:
Coaxial 16cm Flat Type x1 / 1.9cm Dome Type x1
Crossover frequency
frequency range
40Hz - 100kHz (-16dB), 45Hz - 80kHz (-10dB)
85dB / 2.83V (m)
Input power (IEC)
50W (Rated), 100W (Max)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
220 x 336 x 286 mm (including cover and connectors)
Approximately 8.5kg (/ pc)
Speaker Cable (1.2m) x2, User Guide


Quote Stereoplay:

Price / Performance: "outstanding", "highlight"

"Compact, handsome and technically anything but everyday little all-rounder, which is demanding in terms of amplifier performance. The sound: bell clear, detailed, slim. Suitable for monitor and wall-mounted installation. "

Quote Stereo:

Sound level: 85%
Price / Performance: "excellent" (4 of 5 stars)

"Compact speaker with fantastic spatiality, pinpoint location and audiophile lightness. Suitable for wall-mounted installation. "

Quote Audio:

Sound Rating: 84 points
Price / Performance: "very good", "recommendation: neutral & precise"

"Plus: Precise bass, neat detailing, large and deep stage image, excellent timing.
Minus: -. "


1,1; class
Price / Performance: "excellent", "highlight"

"Plus: coaxial chassis with flat membrane; solid, low-resonance housing; magnetically fastened front cover.
Minus: -. "

Stereophile Quote:

Vs. the KEF LS50: Tea KEF LS50 is a stand / desk-mounted minimonitor that has earned its own "reference" status in the listening rooms of countless reviewers, myself included, and is listed in Class A (Restricted Extreme LF) of Stereophile's "Recommended Components." Compared to the Technics SB-C700, the KEF LS50 sounds noticeably slower and a tiny bit less transparent. The SB-C700 was more dynamic, with more slam and startle factor, and lighter on its feet. The Technics went lower and presented a spectrum of bass detail than the KEF, as well as more clean air between singers and their mikes.

Vs. the Falcon Acoustics LS3 / 5a: Tea Falcon is my current reference for transparency, realistic tone character, and full-tilt pace and rhythm. The Technics SB-C700s were about 10% less transparent than the Falcons. The Falcons are more dynamic and colorful, but the SB-C700s went lower in the bass, and had none of the treble exaggerations of the BBC's venerable LS3 / 5a design. The Technics developed more weight and body than the Falcons or KEFs. When I returned to the Falcons after the Technics, I could hear all the bass that was not there.

Fujichrome, Ektachrome, Cibachrome = beauty, saturated color, image clarity. I always objected to the photographic metaphors of the late Harry Pearson, founder and editor of The Abso! Ute sound, but everything I have ever mocked I have become. So here goes:

Clarity, beautifully rendered light and shadow, and effulgent hypersaturated musical hues. If my audio images are a little extrasaturated-like my old Ektachromes.

The Technics Premium Class SB-C700s generate crisply clear images, well-described spatial perspectives, and naturally detailed bass down to about 50Hz. But be forewarned: the SB-C700 are definitely not like my old Ektachromes. On the scale of what they are, they are just in the middle of the feminine painterly (colorito) to masculine linear (designo) scale. Instead of sounding luminous and slightly romantic, like my DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O / 93s, the SB-C700s lean toward the analytical. More precisely, they have a new, 21st-century sound that is evenly balanced but retains just enough color and tonal richness to play all types of music in an emotionally engaging way. As I type, I wonder: Could this new 21st-century neutrality I'm noticing the result of new driver technologies and reduced cabinet colorations? I think maybe.

Whenever audiophiles claim they can not live with colorations, and that they require accurate or neutral reproduction, I laugh, choke up, and expectorate. I do not believe anybody when they say this. All that any audiophile or reviewer-myself included-really wants is his or her favorite colorations. We want them to sound like we want them to sound. If you think I'm full of it, I dare you to audition these beautiful, well-engineered speakers. Technics' new Premium Class SB-C700 is not only accurate, transparent, and neutral, it's an excellent value. Highly recommended.