Technics allinone silver Technics OTTAVA SU-C550 allinone
Technics allinone silver Technics OTTAVA SU-C550 allinone Technics allinone silver Technics OTTAVA SU-C550 allinone Technics allinone silver Technics OTTAVA SU-C550 allinone Technics allinone silver Technics OTTAVA SU-C550 allinone Technics allinone silver Technics OTTAVA SU-C550 allinone Technics allinone silver Technics OTTAVA SU-C550 allinone Technics allinone silver Technics OTTAVA SU-C550 allinone

Technics OTTAVA SU-C550 allinone


€ 1,199.00 € 1,299.00

The benchmark in this price class can do it all!


Premium CD Network Player Amplifier Internet Radio Bluetooth:

The device can be connected to a home network via LAN cable or WLAN (IEEE802.11a / b / g / n). Thanks to the built-in WLAN feature, you can easily connect the two models SC-C500 OTTAVA and SU-C550 to the network without having to lay a cable - even if your PC or broadband router is in another room.

Bluetooth connection

The Bluetooth function makes it easy to stream from a Bluetooth enabled device.

Support for Tidal Spotify and vTuner

In addition to DLNA and USB playback, Spotify * Connect and vTuner * are supported. For vTuner, use the Technics Music app to select radio stations and listen to many different programs.


* Compatible music streaming services are supported via later firmware updates.
* Network music services are operated by appropriate service providers. Services may be canceled temporarily or permanently. Part of the program content may not be available in your country.
* Registration / subscription may be required. Fees may apply.

Premium CD network amplifier

Accurate digital technology
JENO Engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise Shaping Optimization)
Load Adaptive Phase Calibration
Battery operated clock generator
Noiseless signal processing
Architecture for reducing digital noise

40 W + 40 W (1 kHz, THD 0.5%, 4, 20 kHz LPF)
digital inputs
Optical digital, USB-A, USB-B
Compatible CD formats
Audio CD, CD-R / CD-RW (CD-DA, CDs recorded on recording devices and finalized)
iPod / iPhone / iPad
USB audio class specification
USB audio class 2.0, asynchronous mode
codec support
DSCYes (2.8224 MHz, 5.6448 MHz)
PCMYes (32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz / 16, 24, 32 bit)
Headphone output Yes (Ø3.5 mm)

Ethernet interface Yes

Airplay Ja
Bluetooth® (codec support) Yes (AAC, SBC)
vTuner / Spotify Yes / Yes*
Power consumption max. 50 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 360 x 91 x 258 mm
Weight Approximately 3,9 kg
Accessories Remote control, power cord, user manual, network connection instructions, batteries for remote control, without speakers

JENO engine (Jitter Elimination and Noise Shaping Optimization)

Jitter is the main cause of interference in digital transmission systems.

It is caused by clock deviations used in digital to analog conversion. In order to eliminate jitter problems affecting sound quality, Technics has developed a new jitter suppression circuit. It consists of a clock generator in the noise shaping system, which reduces jitter in the low frequency range, and a precise sampling rate converter, which suppresses jitter in the high frequency range. Jitter is thus ideally reduced over the entire frequency range. This solution is based on a newly developed, original PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) conversion circuit that optimizes the speed and extent of noise shaping, requantization error and PWM grading so that high resolution signals are converted to PWM without affecting the dynamic range. These new technologies allow Technics next-generation digital amplifiers to reproduce the natural and subtle nuances of music.

Concept of JENO Engine

LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration)

LAPC is a last-adaptive loudspeaker technology developed by Technics. It measures the frequency, amplitude and phase characteristics of the amplifier with speakers connected and processes the signal response digitally to achieve an ideal impulse response. The characteristic parameters optimized for the speakers of the OTTAVA ™ system for low-frequency and high-frequency loudspeaker load characteristics are already preconfigured in the LAPC calculation circuit in order to achieve ideal frequency and phase characteristics over the entire frequency range.
On the SU-C550, LAPC is activated to measure the characteristics of the connected speakers and adjust the frequency / phase response of the amplifier accordingly.

Concept of the LAPC
Gain and delay on conventional amplifiers / LAPC

Twin power supply circuit system

Traditional power supplies power the amplifier, CD drive, and digital circuitry through the same transformer. Thus, when load fluctuations or circuit disturbances occur, other circuits are also affected, resulting in poorer sound quality. The power supplies in the models SC-C500 OTTAVA and SU-C550 contain completely separate power supplies for the amplifier section and the other signal modules. This suppresses mutual interference to reduce sound quality degradation due to noise and power supply fluctuations.

Architecture for reducing digital noise

The OTTAVA ™ / SU-C550 receives audio signals from various digital content devices, such as NAS, PCs, USB storage devices and other digital interfaces. Since many of these digital content storage systems are designed for use with personal computers, the lowest possible noise level - which is essential for pure audio playback - was not an important development consideration. The OTTAVA ™ / SU-C550 isolates the interfaces for these often noisy media sources to block electrical noise. In addition, a Jitter Removal System (JENO-LSI) is used to produce a clear and stable sound without noise and distortion.

Concept of Digital Noise Reduction Architecture

Test Results

HiFi test 01 / 2016 outstanding (1,1) reference class

"Small but powerful is the hi-mini system from Technics.The Ottava scores with the best workmanship and equipment, the very good app for music streaming and their particularly spatial sound."

HiFi test 01 / 2016 design tip

"The cleverly designed Technics system looks (and looks) extremely chic, so the SC-C500 Ottava truly deserves our" design tip "."

Audio Test 01 / 2016 very good (86%)

"We dare to say that Ottava redefines the combination of design and sound in a compact way."

Stereo 2 / 2016 "Sound Level 68% Price / Performance: very good"

"Elegant all-in-one system with a variety of digital functions ... Sophisticated streaming, great app!"

HiFi Vision 4 / 2016 "4,5 by 5 Stars Price / Performance: Excellent"

"Full basses, performed with precise timing, pamper the listener, and the Technics speakers are very sensitive to the finest musical details."

Operation via supplied remote control or app possible!