Rega turntable accessories Default Rega Aria-R
Rega turntable accessories Default Rega Aria-R Rega turntable accessories Default Rega Aria-R

Rega Aria-R


€ 1,199.00 € 1,390.00

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Rega - Aria-R

To maximize the potential of each record collection

New styling September 2018

There are two separate, high performance phono stages. One fully adjustable, dedicated moving coil and one moving magnet. Each stage is designed and engineered to maximize the potential of your vinyl system while remaining easy to use and set up.

The new Aria-R houses two completely independent phono stages, separated into MM and MC. The circuits each have their own input sockets and optimized input circuits for uncompromising operation of MM or MC systems. The changeover takes place with relays at a point where the signal has already been raised, in order to rule out possible impairment.

The Phonoteil in Aria-R works completely analog without any digital control logic. External interference fields are shielded by the aluminum housing. It was strictly taken to avoid any influence on the signal quality by unnecessary circuit tricks in the transmission path
The new Aria-R is not only a complement to our 22 cm format components, but also incorporates many innovative ideas, such as self-servo control, to keep the MC circuit in the optimum working range regardless of temperature.
[TAB: Specs]
  • Separate phono inputs (RCA) for MM / MC

  • Customizable MC input via back switch for different impedances (70, 100, 150, 400 Ohm) as well as capacities (1000, 2000, 3200, 4200 pF)

  • MC input:
    Input sensitivity 70uV (gain 0dB)
    or 133uV (V.-6dB) for 200mV at the output

  • Overall gain:
    69,3dB (gain set to "0dB")
    or 63,5dB (V.6dB)

  • MM input:
    Input sensitivity 1,7mV for 200mV at the output

  • Input impedance:
    47kOhm in parallel with 100pF

Rega Aria-R
MM / MC phono preamplifier

Output 10-2013

Sound Rating: 117 points
Price / Performance: "outstanding"

"Plus: Very dynamic, spacious, precise sound, very low noise.
Minus: -. "

Dimensions: B 22,0 cm, T 31,5 cm, H 8,0 cm
Weight: 4,4 kg