Rega Apollo CDP 2017


€ 799.00

New 11-2017, finally available, the tip in this price range:

The Apollo CDP is the result of many years of development, advanced software programming and innovative new technology solutions at REGA.
Compared to the legendary original model, the Apollo, the Apollo CDP has again improved both digital and analogue outputs.

DAC and output amplifiers have been significantly upgraded with the new Wolfson WM 8742 chipset, which is also featured in the REGA DAC.
The power supply of the digital part was further optimized in the new model. For this purpose, the same low-noise circuit was used as used in the ISIS CD. In this way, the scanning capability, error correction and beam guidance of the Apollo CDP are substantially refined.

The user interface is controlled by the use of a dedicated display microprocessor, which eases the workload of the main rule processors, resulting in an improvement in control code stability and usability. It also allows for improved initialization speed of the disc being played.

The Apollo CDP is in the latest Rega aluminum housing, so it corresponds perfectly with the styling of the Brio amplifier.

  • DAC and output amplifier with new chipset Wolfson WM 8742

  • The discrete output amplifier has a THN of 0,0025%

  • Special, complex power supply

  • MP3 and WMA-capable

  • analog output

  • Optical and coaxial digital output

  • Dedicated display microprocessor for the user interface

  • including remote control
    (also suitable for Rega amplifiers)

Version: black
Dimensions: B 21,5 cm, T 34,0 cm, H 9,0 cm
Weight: 4,5 kg

Test reports and information:

Hifi Stars 2016 / 09 (pdf)

semper audio 2016 / 05 (external link)

Hifi-Choice 2014 / 04 (pdf)

Fidelity 2013 / 03 (pdf)

AUDIO 2012 / 07 (pdf)

STEREO 2012 / 03 (pdf)

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