Pro-ject audio player Pro-ject 6PerspeX SB equipped with Ortofon 2m silver!
Pro-ject audio player Pro-ject 6PerspeX SB equipped with Ortofon 2m silver! Pro-ject audio player Pro-ject 6PerspeX SB equipped with Ortofon 2m silver! Pro-ject audio player Pro-ject 6PerspeX SB equipped with Ortofon 2m silver!

Pro-ject 6PerspeX SB equipped with Ortofon 2m silver!

Pro-ject audio

€ 1,499.00 € 1,799.00

Sensational, with us listening possible! Without pickup

Latest version with built-in speed change!

Listening tests showed us that metal springs and the metal subchassis limited the tonal possibilities of the predecessor model Perspective.

The solution was radical: The subchassis of the 6perspeX floats on a magnetic field that enables almost 100% decoupling from the environment. The subchassis was made of the resonance-free material 'Corean'. The result was so overwhelming that we decided to use our superlative high-end tonearm Pro-Ject'6cc Evolution' for the first time on 9perspeX. The 6perspeX's extraordinary dynamic dynamics combined with the 9cc Evolution tonearm are just as unique as the new decoupling concept.

Manual subchassis turntable with high-end tonearm 9cc Evolution and

Ortofon Valencia pickup


• The transparent acrylic glass chassis stands on three height-adjustable aluminum cones dampened with Sorbothane® and supports the Subchassi construction. The Subchassis made of Corian rests on three magnetic fields. The supplied spirit level Pro-Ject Level it facilitates the adjustment of the subchassis.

• A quiet-running AC motor with a two-stage pulley drives the turntable via an externally running, ground belt.

• A stainless steel shaft rotating in a sintered bronze bushing, with a ceramic ball, continuously forms the inverted turntable bearing on a ceramic bearing base.

• The resonance-optimized turntable is a sandwich construction made of a finely-balanced 2kg heavy plate made of compacted wood fibers, a 4mm strong flat-ground rest made of vinyl record material and a screw-on metal plate clamp.

• The connection terminal equipped with gold-plated cinch sockets and a ground terminal, individual NF cables can be used to the phono input of the amplifier. A standard cable is included.

• Outsourced power supply to protect against possible mechanical and electromagnetic interference.

Tonearm 9cc Evolution

• Tone arm tube and headshell are made of one piece of carbon fiber. • The conically shaped tonearm tube avoids standing waves. • Inverted tonearm bearing made of four hardened stainless steel tips mounted in ball bearings of the ABEC 7 quality.

• Extremely solid gimbal construction serves to accommodate the bearings. The outer bearing block is open, which prevents the circling of interference energy.

• The counterweight provided with a sorbothane insert is designed as an anti-resonator; An undesirable rocking of spurious vibrations is thus avoided.

• Counterweights for pickups from 5 - 7,5g, 7 - 10g, 9 - 11g or 10 - 14g weight included

• The counterweight support is lowered to the turntable level, which ensures favorable leverage when playing wavy plates.

• The massive tonearm base provides adjustment of the working height of the tonearm, allowing adjustment of the vertical scanning angle (VTA).

• The Tone Arm Tube can be twisted after loosening a screw. This makes a horizontal (azimuth) adjustment of the pickup possible despite the fixed headshell.

• High-quality wiring from the headshell to the gold-plated RCA / RCA jacks consists of highly flexible pure copper wire.

• Dust cover included

Click here for the test report Stereo: (previous version AC)

Quote Stereo:

To hear happiness, of course, includes the right cable. The "Anniversary" package therefore includes Pro-Connect's Connect it C in 1,2 meters in length. The usual standard cable falls off strongly against this. With it it sounds downright discolored, and the room image is in the bucket, because the music sticks to the speakers. The achievements and advantages of the analogous exceptional talent largely ruin it. It is only good for functional testing.
Until the cable Pro-Ject has done everything to help his Perspex to get the best possible sound. Now it's your turn to tease out everything. For the required price, which saves 18 percent compared to single purchase, the "Anniversary" version is a hammer and can not be beat. Since makes the Perspex smoothly perplexed!

Value for money: outstanding

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Stereo 11 / 2011: a top tip among the demanding turntables

Sound and Image Award 2011

Hifi Choice Award 2010

Hifi Choice Award 2010

Hifi Choice 2010

EISA Award winner 2009-2010