Pro-ject Audio allinone PRO-JECT - MAIA Next Generation Amplifier (PHONO USB & BLUETOOTH)
Pro-ject Audio allinone PRO-JECT - MAIA Next Generation Amplifier (PHONO USB & BLUETOOTH) Pro-ject Audio allinone PRO-JECT - MAIA Next Generation Amplifier (PHONO USB & BLUETOOTH) Pro-ject Audio allinone PRO-JECT - MAIA Next Generation Amplifier (PHONO USB & BLUETOOTH)

PRO-JECT - MAIA Next Generation Amplifier (PHONO USB & BLUETOOTH)

Pro-ject audio

€ 495.00 € 499.00

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Pro-Ject - MaiA

MaiA: New integrated amplifier generation with timeless design and future-proof technology!

Home HiFi beginners have been waiting for this: A small integrated amplifier that also has uncompromising sound quality and the ultimate in connection flexibility! MaiA offers numerous digital and analogue input options, a sound quality that comes close to tube amplifiers (Flying Mole Module) and a high-quality 24bit / 192kHz D / A converter. Despite the small size, 9 (!) Different source devices can be connected at the same time. The equipment of MaiA is absolutely future-proof:

• High quality phono MM preamp

• 3 analog high level inputs

• XMOS asynchronous USB 24bit / 192kHz input for computer audio

• Digital coax input

• 2 Toslink inputs

• Wireless bluetooth streaming (aptX capable) with own antenna

No matter what source, the playback is extremely musical and lifelike. The output power of this amplifier is designed for audiophile playback in rooms of about 25m² with high quality speakers in the price range from € 200,00 to € 1000,00. The connection of a subwoofer or another amplifier is just as possible as the operation with a headphone. The included IR remote control makes the operation very easy. The elegant and solid full metal housing protects against unwanted interference. MaiA is available with silver or black front.

BluetoothaptX LOSSLESSUSB - Universal Serial BusXMOS

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Various hi-fi magazines 04 / 2016: Overview of various positive reviews

Home Theater Review (USA) 11 / 2015"If anyone thinks that high-quality audio is just a hobby for the rich, think again."

HiFi Pig 03 / 2015: This "Hans Dampf in alle Gassen" offers great value for money and a sound quality that makes everyone sit up and smile.

HiFi World 02 / 2015: A nice all-in-one solution with great flexibility at an affordable price.

Audio & Cinema Em Casa 02 / 2015: "In the end, MaiA is extremely versatile and able to play classic and modern sound sources, keeping the sound potent and uncompromisingly honest"

AUDIO 01 / 2015: Playful all-rounder, also well suited as a USB DAC.

Hi-Fi News 11 / 2014: The sound quality of all MaiA inputs is transparent enough to represent a hierarchy of source signals.

Stereo 08 / 2014: A complete amplifier, which is also very successful in neighboring fields: as a converter, headphone and phono amplifier, even as a receiver for Bluetooth signals. Class!

Einsnull 05 / 2014: "Pro-Ject does everything right with the MaiA, which is really versatile, compact in size and the price is kept slim." Small and medium-sized rooms, the MaiA met with sweeping sound, whether from analog or digital sources. that you like to accept. "

More information

• 2 Ohm load stable

• Double mono construction

• Inputs: 3x Stereo Line, 1x Phono (RCA), 1x Bluetooth (aptX),

2x Digital Optical, 1x Digitial Coax, 1x USB

• Asynchronous USB (24bit / 192kHz) with XMOS technology

• 24bit / 192kHz D / A converter

• 4te generation Bluetooth (aptX capable) with antenna

• Phono MM input

• Motor operated potentiometer

• Headphone jack

• Variable output for subwoofer or second zone / power amp

• IR remote control included

• Full metal body with front in silver or black