Pro-ject Audio ACCESSORIES for sound and image optimization 4gang Project Connnect it Power 10A 4fach Distributor

Project Connnect it Power 10A 4fold distributor

Pro-ject audio

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Project Connect it Power

Maximize the audio performance of your hi-fi system!

The Connect-it Power power cords ensure the optimum connection of audio components to the mains and are the perfect sound upgrade for the Connect-it Power power strips. The low-loss plug connections and the optimized conductor geometry ensure protection against electromagnetic interference and guarantee trouble-free energy transfer. These special cables are made of high purity copper.

• Especially for the connection of audio equipment

• Magnetically shielded

• With assignment of Schuko to IEC (C13 IEC devices)

• High-quality connectors

• 10 Ampere total-duration current capacity

• Perfect in combination with Connect-it Power 10A power strips

• Handmade in EC

• Especially for the connection of audio equipment

• No sound-degrading filters or overload protection

• Magnetically shielded

• Available with 4 or 6 Schuko connectors

• High-quality Schuko sockets (nickel-plated brass)

• 10 amps total power delivery capability

• Top internal wiring (optionally with Furutech or Van den Hul cable)

• Protection against overheating and fire

• Includes 1,5m connection cable 10 Ampere

• Handmade in EC

Only the pure power of the mains current, magnetically shielded for optimum connection!

The Connect-it Power power strips ensure the optimal connection of audio components to the mains power.

Without filter, without overload protection! The omission of these inexpensive, but the sound deteriorating assemblies, allows the unimpeded flow of current. The full metal housing ensures protection against electromagnetic interference. The Schuko sockets from Rich Bay guarantee secure contact and loss-free connection. Each power strip is equipped with a cold device connection and allows the use of individual power cables in the desired length.

Of course, an 1,5m supply cable with IEC connector is included.

As a perfect upgrade, the Connect-it Power Cable 10A is available in different lengths in 4.