Project Audio Streambox DS

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Project Audio Streambox DS


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Cambridge Audio's STREAMBOX DS NET network music player supports all popular formats, including studio-quality 24-bit FLAC and WAV files.

So, no matter how you downloaded your music or ripped your CDs, the PROJECT STREAMBOX DS NET streamlines your digital music with greater detail, more accurate live re-generation, and significantly increased dynamic range.

However, music stored on computers and other hard drives inherently suffers jitter. The PROJECT AUDIO implements a variety of benefits, such as a bit-perfect signal path and jitter suppression, to significantly improve the quality of digital music playback.

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[TAB: Features]• Compatible with media servers based on DLNA / UPnP
• gapless playback
• Internet radio (vTuner)
• Full operation with Pro-Ject App Box Control for iPhone / iPad possible (only Stream Box DS net)
• plays Apple Lossless music files (Stream Box DS net only)
• High-resolution 3,5-inch color display
• Digital, analogue output, Ethernet interface (LAN) and WLAN. Two USB interfaces
• Remote Control
• Connection cable lengths up to approx. 10 meters possible. This makes it possible to set up separately from the hi-fi system without negative sound effect.
• Power for 2,5-inch USB hard drives
• Upgrade of Stream Box DS to the state of the Stream Box DS net available (Price: ¤XXX.-). As a result, the Stream Box DS is fully operable via the Pro-Ject App Box Control with the iPhone / iPod. It will also be possible to play Apple Lossless music files.
[TAB: Technique for the good sound]• Solid metal housing to protect electronics from vibration and interference
• 24Bit / 192kHz D / A converter
• Outsourced power supply (included)