Pro-ject debut RecordMaster DC OM-5

Pro-ject audio

€ 299.00 € 449.00

Project Audio Debut RecordMaster (OM 5):
installed with phono part!
new VERSION 2018!
Cover in delivery.

Manual turntable with MM cartridge

• Precision belt drive with synchronous motor •
Elektronengine control with 33 / 45 (78) changeover and outstanding speed stability of a "Speed ​​Box"
• 8,6 '' aluminum tonearm
• 1,3 kg metal platter with felt mat

• Built-in MM phono preamp
• Simultaneous connection to Amplifier & PC / Mac

• OM 10 Moving Magnet Cartridge pre-assembled

Technology for the good sound
• Aluminum tone arm with sapphire bearings
• Adjustment of the horizontal scanning angle (azimuth)
• Metal platter with felt pad and
Stainless steel bearing axle in brass bush
• Mounted MM pickup Ortofon OM 10E
• Pro-Ject 8.6 tonearm
• Speeds 33 / 45 /
• Dust cover included

The popular styling classic with aluminum tonearm, computer connection, 3 speeds and DC power supply!

The first debut turntable released at its release in the late XNXX, a revolution in the hi-fi industry. For the first time since the introduction of the compact disc, a vinyl turntable has established itself as a serious competitor in the hi-fi sector.

The new model debut RecordMaster is now setting a mark as the new standard in its category for the next decade. It is therefore the perfect product for the increasing demand for high-quality, but affordable analog players with all speed options!

Many technical features have been developed and improved, such as the larger diameter and mass of the turntable! The enhanced belt drive utilizes a smooth-running AC motor with effective decoupling from the chassis and TPE damping and an ultra-precise AC generator (similar to Speed ​​Box) for ultimate speed stability and vibration-free performance.

For the reproduction of 78er shellac plates a needle replacement (OM78) and the turning of the drive belt are enough!

Because the Debut III RecordMaster comes complete with a pickup and phono preamplifier with a USB port, you can connect it directly to the hi-fi system while recording your vinyl treasures using a PC / Mac.