Pro-ject Audio DAC Pro-Ject DACbox RS
Pro-ject Audio DAC Pro-Ject DACbox RS Pro-ject Audio DAC Pro-Ject DACbox RS Pro-ject Audio DAC Pro-Ject DACbox RS

Pro-Ject DACbox RS

Pro-ject audio

€ 899.00

The new DAC Box RS is a superlative high-end stereo D / A converter of the reference class and an excellent 24 / 192kHz USB audio interface with asynchronous mode for HD music playback with computers. With the integrated I²S interface and master clock output, it is a perfect combination with the CD Box RS and is also perfectly suited for conventional digital audio sources with AES / EBU, optical or coaxial output.

Audiophile Feinspitze will also be delighted with the playback capability of DSD64 & 128. As with all of our top-of-the-line digital products, we use PCM1792 DACs, which are used twice in dual-differential mode for ultimate fidelity. As a unique feature, ambitious sound artists can choose between 2 filter settings (steep & optimal phase).

Depending on your personal preference, we allow users to choose between the warmer and more relaxed sound of the tube output stage or the infinitely detailed and dynamic reproduction of the transistor output. The Ultralinear concept guarantees very low output stage impedance, avoiding negative interactions with different cables and lengths as well as amplifiers.

Because of its outstanding sound quality and the exceptionally low price, the DAC Box RS is a real high-end bargain!

• 2x top class converter chip: PCM-1792

• 9 Inputs: I²S, USB, AES / EBU, Toslink, S / PDIF coax RCA

• 24bit / 192kHz asynchronous USB (XMOS technology)

• DSD playback (up to DSD128) via PCM

• I²S interface for CD Box RS (sonic2date transfer technology) with additional master clock output (BNC)

• 2 selectable filter characteristics

• Fully balanced audio circuit

• Tubes and transistor output stage (switchable)

• Ultralinear circuit with superlative signal-to-noise ratio

• IR remote control included

• XLR & RCA connection sockets

• DC power supply (<1 Watt standby consumption)

• Full metal body available in silver or black