Naim amplifier black NAIM Nait 5si
Naim amplifier black NAIM Nait 5si Naim amplifier black NAIM Nait 5si Naim amplifier black NAIM Nait 5si

NAIM Nait 5si


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Unique: Handmade in the UK, 5 years full warranty on registration!

NAIT 5si

Naim integrated amplifiers are known to do more than the data sheet suggests. Already the first NAIT stunned 1983 with its performance, and the NAIT 5si continues this tradition. The challenges faced by the engineers were the same then as they are today: to combine affordability, quality and reliability with maximum sound. However, the amplifier technology has made great progress since then, and thus the NAIT 5si - though in essence it fulfills the same role as its ancestor - is sounding at a much higher level.

The NAIT 5si is a typical Naim amplifier and an ideal partner for a CD player like the CD5si or the streaming player ND5 XS, Thanks to its AV function, the amplifier can also be perfectly integrated into a home cinema system.

Made of zinc-magnesium casting and aluminum, the case serves as a stable base for all electronics, protecting them from mechanical vibrations that could affect the sound.

Although the NAIT 5si is only the entry into the world of the legendary Naim amplifier, it uses numerous proven technologies, all of which serve to let the listener experience music directly. It reproduces every music source and every genre with transparency, thrilling dynamics and, above all, real joy in playing - just like the first NAIT 1983.