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Naim DAC Default NAIM DAC Naim DAC Default NAIM DAC Naim DAC Default NAIM DAC



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DAC digital to analogue converter

The DAC, like Naim's first CD player, the CDS, represents a technical milestone. The CDS provided evidence that CD technology and vivid, faithful reproduction of music are not mutually exclusive. The DAC now proves that jitter (timing error) and noise, previously known as external D / A converters, are a thing of the past. The converter not only translates all digital input signals into analog form, but also provides a sound quality that can compete with the best Naim CD players.

The Naim DAC is also the world's first high-end D / A converter with an Apple Authentication Chip - meaning that it can digitally read music stored on an iPod (5th generation or later) or iPhone. This also includes music files that are UPnP streamed to an iPhone / iPod Touch, as well as thousands of web radio stations that can be received with a corresponding app on such a device.

No matter how you use the DAC - with a CD, DVD or hard disk player, a streaming device that plays high-definition audio files, a satellite receiver or an iPod - the music sounds fresher, more defined, has more depth and warmth.

In the Naim philosophy, upgradability has always played a major role. The Naim DAC can be upgraded to the CD player
CD5 XS as well as for the hard disk player HDX can be used and in turn by an external power supply of the type XP5 XS, XPS or from 555 HP gear up.

A look inside
The development of an external D / A converter that offers the extraordinary musicality that is familiar from Naim products has been a technical challenge in many ways. The biggest difficulty was that S / PDIF, the most widely used protocol for digital interfaces, is jittery and noisy. Such problems demanded creative solutions and innovative development work.

The DAC has more in common with Naim CD players than with conventional external D / A converters. The jitter problems of the S / PDIF technology are counteracted by reading the data separately from the time signal into a ring buffer and re-clocking it from one of the ten fixed-frequency oscillators. The ring buffer of the DAC can be compared to a rotating CD, from which the raw data are read out for retiming. The DAC controls how fast this memory is filled and emptied by always selecting the oscillator whose clock rate matches the average clock rate of the input data. The data passed to the digital filtering and D / A converter chips is then completely purged of S / PDIF jitter.

S / PDIF can not only cause jitter, but also high-frequency noise. The Naim DAC suppresses this noise by electrically isolating the digital signal processing from the D / A converters and analog circuits. Moreover, each section has its own power supply.

Digital filtering in the DAC is handled by a high-performance SHARC® DSP chip, powered by Naim's proprietary software. The filtering uses 16 oversampling of 44,1 kHz data and a stopband rejection of 180 dB. The data is then transferred to two Burr Brown DACs - the same chips used in the CD555 CD player. The high-quality, discretely constructed output stage of the DAC is characterized by extremely low noise and highest signal fidelity.

Everything fits together
The Naim DAC can be remotely controlled by a Naim pre-amp, integrating the analog and digital sources connected to the devices. The DAC becomes an extension of the preliminary stage. If a USB stick, iPod or iPhone is docked, you can use the front panel buttons of the DAC to control the playback.

What really matters
Of course, even the most modern digital audio technology is only of theoretical interest - in contrast to the listening experience that brings the Naim DAC: amazingly clear, amazingly detailed and rousing rhythmic. The rendition is enriched by those almost indefinable nuances that make up the effect of rhythms and melodies - and thus the difference between real music and a lifeless likeness. With the forward-looking Naim DAC, music playback at home is closer to the original than ever before.

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2 x BNC, 2 x RCA, 4 x TosLink, 2 x USB Type A (4 input selector buttons)


1 x RCA, 1 x DIN

frequency response

10 Hz to 20 kHz, + 0,1 dB / -0,5 dB

output level

2,2 V RMS



USB audio formats

WAV, FLAC (LPCM to 32 bit / 768 kHz)

sampling rates

S / PDIF: 32 to 192 kHz, 24 bit
USB: 32 to 768 kHz, 24 bit
iPod, iPhone: up to 48 kHz

power supply

100-120 V or 200-240 V; 50 / 60 Hz


70 x 432 x 301 mm (H x W x D)