NAD phono preamplifier Default NAD - PP2E
NAD phono preamplifier Default NAD - PP2E NAD phono preamplifier Default NAD - PP2E



€ 118.00 € 149.00

Phono preamp MM + MC, sound tip!
Many modern power amplifiers have a poor or no phono input - the NAD PP 2e is a sonically first-class HiFi accessory with outstanding value for money for any vinyl lover.

For every good turntable ideal, in this price range our tip:
Inside, the NAD developers have driven the same effort as with the legendary NAD amplifiers: stable power supply via an external 24 V / 100 mA power supply, high-quality sound-optimized components, a solid shielding metal housing and firmly screwed, gold-plated connectors.
A ground connection on the housing allows direct connection to the turntable.
On the rear panel the PP 2e can be switched for MM or MC systems.

Combined with a good turntable, it creates a combination that gets the most out of vinyl on a budget and brings every record archive to life.

NAD's Classic Line has a long history of success: almost 40's years of development work have produced numerous product highlights and acclaimed classics, such as the 3020 power amplifier.

The components of the Classic Line are characterized by maximum sound quality and easy operation. On unnecessary features and gimmicks is deliberately omitted. Instead, inside the devices are absolutely high-quality components, such as extremely high-performance transformers and best converters. The focus in the development of new models is exclusively on what really counts: sound quality.
Low noise MM and MC preamp:
• Sound-optimized components
• Ground connection
• Sturdy metal housing
• Input impedance MM / MC: 47 kΩ 200 pF / 100 Ω, 180 pF
• Input sensitivity MM / MC: 3,5 mV / 0,2 mV
• Signal-to-noise ratio MM / MC: 80 dB / 78 dB
• RIAA tolerance MM / MC +/- 0,3 dB
• THD MM / MC: <0,03%
• Dimensions (W x H x D) 135 x 49 x 72 mm
Already the predecessor model PP2 achieved the title top class in the magazine HIFITEST,
in the magazine Stereoplay the verdict:
NAD Austria offers from 1.7.2017 on all NAD products 5 years warranty according to the conditions of the Austrian NAD importer.