NAD cd player graphite NAD C-516 BEE CD player
NAD cd player graphite NAD C-516 BEE CD player NAD cd player graphite NAD C-516 BEE CD player

NAD C-516 BEE CD player


€ 355.00 € 379.00

The CD player C 516BEE impressively continues the award-winning NAD tradition: Pure and Simple. Full concentration on the sound.

With the current NAD design and its flat design, the C 516BEE not only fits perfectly with the highly award-winning integrated amplifiers, but also visibly transports the NAD tradition: an unexcited, clearly structured exterior, with a view strictly focused on the inner values.
As a result, an intuitive operation is achieved and you will find the important in practice controls blind.

With, for example, the integrated amplifier C 316BEE, a powerful sound system is created in a uniform look that sets standards in terms of value for money.

The blue glowing VFD (vacuum fluorescence display) informs about the contents of the CD and can be dimmed if necessary.

NAD C 516BEE - front view

In addition to audio CDs, the compact player also plays music encoded in WMA or MP3 formats. And with the currently best chip to decode compressed music. This allows up to 10 hours of high quality music to be played back with just one CD-R / CD-RW.
A repeat function repeats a single title, the entire CD or selected passages.

The abbreviation "BEE" guarantees excellent sound quality: Chief developer and NAD co-founder Björn Erik Edvardsen optimized the sound-relevant components and equips the CD player with a perfect factory tuning. Especially the operational amplifiers and the 24 Bit / 192 kHz D / A converter from the chip specialist Cirrus Logic were chosen with particular care.

For maximum stability in the power supply, specially selected, tightly tolerated capacitors are used and digital and analog circuits are supplied strictly separated. The signal forwarding can be done either via analog RCA outputs, a coaxial or an optical digital output.
The included remote control allows all functions to be conveniently controlled from the listening position.


• Sound refined by Björn Erik Edvardsen
• High-quality 24 bit / 192 kHz DA converter
• Available in graphite and titanium


• CD repeat (single track, whole CD,
single section)
• Program play, skip and search function
• Low Noise 24 Bit / 192 kHz Sigma / Delta
D / A converter
• Analog audio output (RCA)
• Digital audio output (coaxial, optical)
• Dimmable display
• Remote Control
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 435 x 70 x 249 mm
• Weight: 3,5 kg

Technical changes and errors reserved.

NAD Austria offers from 1.7.2017 on all NAD products 5 years warranty according to the conditions of the Austrian NAD importer.