NAD amplifier c316 v2 with phono input NAD C 316BEE V2
NAD amplifier c316 v2 with phono input NAD C 316BEE V2 NAD amplifier c316 v2 with phono input NAD C 316BEE V2 NAD amplifier c316 v2 with phono input NAD C 316BEE V2



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New integrated amplifier including phono:

The integrated amplifier NAD C 316BEE redefines the entry into the Classic Line of NAD and sets standards in the affordable amplifier range.

Already the predecessor model, the C 315BEE got all important awards worldwide and thus allowed a further development on a very high level. The result is highest sound quality in compact dimensions and with sufficient power reserves.

The high level of performance is mainly due to NAD's legendary development manager and co-founder Björn Erik Edvardsen (BEE) in the NAD C316

BEE achieved a similar result with less technical effort as with the established PowerDriveTM concept of larger integrated amplifiers. Thus, the small amplifier provides more than twice the output power for a short time - of course realistic with simultaneous loading of both channels.

Greatest musical pleasure through stable performance

His technical data, such as. For example, the performance of 2 x 40 watts (both channels measured simultaneously at 8 ohms at 20 Hz - 20.000 kHz) and a fabulously low total harmonic distortion of 0,01% speak for the ambitious amplifier concept. For powerful pulses, the power even grows up to 120 watts into 4 ohms per channel.

Sound enhancing features

As with the larger models, the C 316BEE has spent a lot of time on smartly implementing the circuit on the board. NAD strictly adheres to the interplay of components or crosstalk and considers the board design as part of the sound tuning. Only strictly selected components are used. Due to the high-performance, low-leakage toroidal transformer, sufficient power is available at all times.

Simple design with simple operation

The clear connection panel of the C 316BEE allows easy integration into a high-quality stereo system. The six high-quality stereo inputs leave nothing to be desired. In addition, the record-out output, for example, a tape or a classic cassette deck connection. So that even modern, portable players can feed their stored treasures, can be found on the front of the C 316BEE 3,5 mm jack socket.

With the headphone jack you can enjoy the music perfectly and undisturbed by external influences. The very accurate tone control allows the bass and treble range to be varied in fine steps. This tonal influence can be switched off by pressing a button, if the valuable music signal is not expected to diminish detours. The reduced design, the clear structure of the front and the supplied remote control allow intuitive operation of the C 316BEE.

Reviews and Awards

NAD Austria offers products on NAD 5 years warranty according to the conditions of the Austrian NAD importer.