Musical Fidelity V-CAN II

Musical Fidelity

€ 149.00

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Musical Fidelity V-CAN II

The V-CAN II takes a different, superior approach to headphone amplification. The majority of headphone stages are integrated into hi-fi separate are after-thought efforts.

Enjoy listening to your hi-fi system via headphones? You'll enjoy it much more with a dedicated headphone amplifier. The V-CAN II delivers a massive upgrade in sound quality from the standard headphone outputs offered by most hi-fi kit.

Quite simply, by driving your headphones more effectively, the V-CAN II lets you hear what you're capable of - along with greater listening pleasure.

The V-CAN II is small, beautifully built and easy to use. It has sockets for common headphone plug sizes - 6.25mm and 3.5mm - and hooks into your hi-fi system via standard RCA line-level connections.

From the smallest in-ear designs to the biggest hi-fi headphones, the V-CAN II wants to drive them to perfection. As the playback review summarises: "The V-CAN II conveys an impression of effortless power coupled with a suave delivery ... .With every headphone and earbud I tried, the V-CAN II created an image that had excellent specificity and focus".

test summary

"Overall, Musical Fidelity's V-Can II remains a fine product for the money." His presentation might not be as complete as we'd like, but is never less than enjoyable to listen to headphone amp is well worth a serious listen. "

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