Martin Logan Speaker MARTIN LOGAN MOTION 40 Price
Martin Logan Speaker MARTIN LOGAN MOTION 40 Price Martin Logan Speaker MARTIN LOGAN MOTION 40 Price Martin Logan Speaker MARTIN LOGAN MOTION 40 Price Martin Logan Speaker MARTIN LOGAN MOTION 40 Price


Martin Logan

€ 2,500.00

It has never been so good to hear music
The ancestors of the new MOTION 20 and 40 were tonally strong, yet optically even more refined: virtually unprecedented, the new MOTION guarantee a sonic improvement and are visually extremely elegant. These are available in glossy black and white. The peculiarity is a technically brilliant tweeter, which seeks its equal in this price range. It's the Martin Logan Folded Motion ™ tweeter. His incredible detail resolution and musicality fascinate and create goose bumps.

Sonic precision and sophisticated styling
Inspired by MartinLogan electrostatic ultra-high-end speakers, the Motion® series was created to deliver stunning sound for your home theater or stereo with the ultimate in performance. MartinLogan's dedicated engineers have carefully designed the Motion Series to create a highly affordable and compact product line that seamlessly combines our award-winning Folded Motion ™ encoders with a powerful, compact footprint technology. The result is a subtle sound with an overwhelming dynamic range and stunning clarity.

Ingenious technology
What makes the Motion series so fantastic? Martin Logan's dedicated engineers began using and refining the latest compact technologies and combining them with innovative engineering. The result is an emotionally poignant sound that rivals and usually outperforms traditional speakers in the same size and price range.

Folded Motion ™ XT tweeter
This tweeter technology, found on ultra-high-end speakers, gives the MOTION speakers their fantastically realistic heights. The Folded Motion tweeter works perpendicular to the folding edges of the diaphragm similar to the operation of an accordion. Extremely light in weight and with a surface eight times that of a typical 1 dome tweeter, this diaphragm "squeezes" more air, requiring almost 90% less vibration amplitude than the typical 1 dome tweeter , This significantly reduces the distortion while providing a super-fast response time.
Both MOTION 20 and 40 use the larger Folded MOTION XT tweeter from MARTIN LOGAN, featuring a 40% larger coverage than the award-winning MOTION® series products, resulting in low distortion. This considerable size jump increases the bandwidth down to midrange.