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A new (view) angle to the record playback:

Normally, pickups sound the better the more money you spend on production. Sometimes, however, as with the Lyra Delos, it is the developer spirit that leads to extraordinary results.

A major problem of many pickup systems is that even the normal contact force leads to a position and thus an angle change of the signal coils in the magnetic field. This has a negative impact on the sensitivity and linearity of the coils.

This problem is solved in the Delos by a new design with a pre-angled damping system. When the contact force is applied, the signal coils are optimally aligned in the magnetic field. This, together with the low-resonance metal body, leads to superior sound quality.

The strong musical expression and above all the richness of timbres, which the Delos is able to reproduce seemingly effortless, inspire even experienced Lyra listeners. The magazine stereoplay writes in issue 3 / 2010: "At first auditions, the Delos sounded wonderfully open and tended to be even more catchy and tonal in color than the larger Argo."

In the pickup comparison test in issue 8 / 2010 the Delos was named test winner:

STEREOPLAY "Highlight"

"... it is clear that here is a new star in the analog sky shines. In this strong test field, the Delos wins the victory. "

"The LYRA Delos not only achieves a stereoplay highlight with natural timbres. Even his enthralling musicality and subtle detail resolution were previously reserved for much higher price ranges. "


7,3 g

Output voltage:
0,6 mV at 5cm / s (CBS measurement record)

Recommended terminator at the MC input:
91 Ohm - 47 kOhm

Recommended terminator on MC transformer:
15 ohms (when connecting the transformer to an MM phono input 47 kOhm)

Internal resistance:
8,2 Ohm

Recommended contact pressure:
1,7g - 1.8g
(preferably 1,75g)

Needle compliance:
12 x 10-6 cm / dyne

Frequency response:
10Hz – 50kHz

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