Harmonix ACCESSORIES FOR SOUND AND IMAGE OPTIMIZATION 4er Set Harmonix Tune UPmate RS1115 Spikeset

Harmonix Tune UPmate RS1115 Spikeset


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These 'Tuning Spikes' are a new development within the Harmonix Resonance Tuning range:

The effect of the former 'SYN-100 Synergy Points' was more important for hi-fi systems that sounded a bit 'lazy' or 'melancholic' in sound. With the use of the 'Synergy Points' the whole sound became more dynamic, lively, faster and more open.

The RS-1115 'TuneUPmates' are resonance-mood spikes that are combined with the RF-9XX spike bases, and have a cumulative / synergistic effect on sound enhancement.

The small 'TuneUPmates are versatile in situations where there is not enough space for the conventional Harmonix bases. They are also applicable in combination with the RF-9XX Spike and RFS-65m Hyotan bases for cumulative resonance tuning, for even better sound quality.
The RS-1115 are also individual use.

The RS-1115 are small, but still very effective in their effect. Demanding music lovers really appreciate this.

Color: chrome high gloss base / black
Construction: specially selected metal / wood; Resonant converter
Diameter: 28mm
Height: 24mm
adjustable height

Avoid any contact between dampening materials with products that work on the Resonance Mood process. Damping suppresses these strong and delicate procedures, and thus the further development of a musical performance. In many bad cases it makes the music pretty close to dead.

Immediately after inserting the TuneUPmates you can clearly hear a clear sound improvement. However, the full resonance tuning, and the resulting optimal sound enhancement, will occur over a period from 3 to 5 days.

After about a week, you should adjust the sound and the sound balance again, by the distance between the speakers a little to enlarge or reduce and / or change the Eindreh-angle to the listening position something.

"TuneUPmate" RS-1115

Best and Unavoidable Match Make Tuning Spike

"TuneUPmate" RS-1115 is another success. A Unique and Versatile Tuning Spike "TuneUPmate" is a small in size but very effective tuning device designed for discerning music lovers, and is specifically designed to tune and improve the performance of such spike bases as RF-999M, RF-999MTmk2, RF-909X, RF-909Xmk2 and RF-900 synergistically up if used in couple. Furthermore, "TuneUPmate" is capable of producing Hyotan RFS-65m as well.

"TuneUPmate" RS-1115 can thus be used alone with vary child electronics, IT music entertaining equipments and small sized speakers where space is limited.

Harmonix is ​​unique and only professional.

Product specification:

  • Tuning principle: Transforming and Balancing Resonance
  • Size: 24.0mm (H) x 28.0mm (φ)
  • Materials: Hybrid of metal and wood
  • Weight allowance: About 100 kg