Dali speaker Dali Zensor 7 floor box test winner pair price
Dali speaker Dali Zensor 7 floor box test winner pair price Dali speaker Dali Zensor 7 floor box test winner pair price Dali speaker Dali Zensor 7 floor box test winner pair price Dali speaker Dali Zensor 7 floor box test winner pair price Dali speaker Dali Zensor 7 floor box test winner pair price

Dali Zensor 7 floor box test winner pair price


€ 858.00

With its height of 97,8 centimeters and the modern high-gloss finish of the front walls, the flagship of the ZENSOR series is particularly striking and attractive. If you want to powerfully sound a medium to large living space, then this speaker is the right address!

The top model in the series is equipped with two 180 mm woofers. As with all ZENSOR models, it has a much larger membrane surface compared to market standards, ensuring a particularly dynamic, playful and authentic reproduction of pop and rock music. An 25 mm tweeter with an extremely lightweight tissue membrane provides extremely precise, balanced and spatial reproduction of the high frequencies.

But we have also devoted further equipment details with meticulousness. Here are some examples: The elegantly rounded case corners reduce the diffraction of the sound, which minimizes distortion; Aluminum applications around the loudspeaker chassis set additional noble accents on the baffle; An aluminum frame serves as a base for the loudspeaker and, thanks to the removable front cover, the chassis can be either protected from prying eyes and prying eyes or displayed in a clearly visible manner.

So DALI's developers have done a great job. Because we did not just want to build another conventional speaker, but based on our roots and values, we wanted to provide a unique and completely satisfying listening experience. Therefore, the ZENSOR 7 is a particularly sonorous speaker, which not only can reproduce stereo signals in the best quality, but also as a front speaker in a surround system makes a very good figure.

€ 419,00 per piece

Series censor
design type front
Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) [Hz] 40 - 26,500
Sensitivity (2,83V / 1m) [dB] 90.0
Nominal impedance [Ω] 6
Maximum sound pressure level [dB] 110
Recommended amplifier power [W] 40 - 150
Crossover frequencies [Hz] 2,400 Hz
Tweeter 1 x 25 mm soft textile dome
woofer 2 x 7 "Wood Fiber Cone
housing type Bass Reflex
Bass reflex tuning frequency [Hz] 40.0
Input Single wire
Magnetic shielding No
Recommended installation Floor
Recommended wall distance [cm] 20 - 80
Maximum dimensions with base and cover (HxWxD) [mm] 994 257 x x 320
Weight [kg] 14.9
Accessories User manual
Rubber bumpers
Spikes M6
Optional accessories White cricket

The ZENSOR 7 in the test:

"The picture that these speakers convey is different than any of the other boxes I've heard so far, putting music to life in a vivid, effective and absolutely stunning way." MORE

AREADVD.DE IN JUNE 2013 to a surround set with 4x ZENSOR 7, ZENSOR VOKAL and SUB E-12F:
"Exclusive DALI drivers, a beautiful design with great details such as the Alustandfuß and a very sophisticated, harmonious, authentic acoustics make sure that the ZENSOR set with the powerful and homogeneous E 12 F subwoofer deserves first-class test grades. " MORE

AUDIOVISION in July 2012:
"Measured by the price, DALI's set sets standards in many disciplines and is extremely fun with its enthusiasm and great bass performance." MORE

I-FIDELITY.NET in May 2012 to a surround setup with ZENSOR 7, ZENSOR 1, ZENSOR VOKAL and SUB E-12F:
"With the ZENSOR series, the DALI developers are once again demonstrating that they really master their craft." Tonally, the ZENSORs play on the bright rather than the bulky side of the tonal balance, without appearing thin the wonderful sound of the speaker body, for which - and one can hardly say that out loud - in relation, too little money is required. " MORE

I-FIDELITY.NET in December 2011:
"It's important to keep in mind that we're dealing here with a pair of floor boxes for just 760 Euro, and the Dali Zensor 7 has mastered all important disciplines such as balanced tonality, deep bass and high-definition resolution for more than impressive the selection of adequate competitors already very, very small, which is why the price tip is given emphatically by the editor. " MORE

AREADVD.DE in September 2011 about a surround setup with ZENSOR 7, ZENSOR 1, ZENSOR VOKAL and SUB E-12F:
"Considering the balance, the DALI loudspeakers pamper both the hearing and also flatter the eyes thanks to their attractive design and good workmanship. In our opinion, a clear recommendation for audition!" MORE

STEREO in September 2011:
"DALI's ZENSOR 7 plays right away among the best in the downright one-meter class (standing boxing), and the money is well laid out, with the results hinting at the minds of the taller Dalis, with a musical, precise and unobtrusive vote for long-term fun. MORE

Customer review: (The customer's data are available from us)

Hello HiFi Team,

Thanks for the top advice, I am really happy with the new equipment.

Have my Bose system and the censor both connected to the X Uni and had extensive opportunity to compare. Really great what the Dali speakers give.

Supposedly Bose stands for "Buy Other Sound EQuipment ", I have now done the following :-)