Dali speaker DALI censor 5 pair price test winner
Dali speaker DALI censor 5 pair price test winner Dali loudspeaker black DALI censor 5 pair price test winner Dali speaker DALI censor 5 pair price test winner

DALI Zensor 5 pair price test winner


€ 548.00 € 678.00

Not only the best possible sound quality is expected from a compact floor standing speaker today. He should also look good and fit the interior of the living room. DALI's CENSOR 5 meets these requirements in perfection.

The ZENSOR 5 gives a homely and chic appearance to the black or white lacquered high-gloss baffle, depending on the model, and the optional black ash, light walnut or all-white finish.

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) as well as insulating materials fixed at the decisive points and disturbing resonances inside the crossbar ensure optimum acoustic working conditions.

Like its big brother, the ZENSOR 5 is also equipped with a removable front cover, a sturdy aluminum frame as a base, a frontal bass reflex opening and a very high-quality connection panel. 15 centimeters smaller than the top model, but still more than 80 centimeters high, the slim ZENSOR 5 blends harmoniously into any living environment.

The two 130 millimeter midrange drivers have been completely redeveloped and join the long ancestral gallery of the legendary DALI woofers. The particularly low-loss design with optimally matched membranes and beads promises a lasting enjoyment of music.

The ZENSOR 5 is therefore recommended for all music lovers who want to furnish their living space with a good-looking and powerful sound artist who leaves no doubt about its origin in the DALI High End claim.

The ZENSOR 5 in the test:

STEREO in February 2014:

"DALI's ZENSOR 5 impresses with its slim dimensions and solid workmanship, as well as its fresh, startling sound, the mids are uncoloured, the treble is crystal clear and yet natural, the bass clean without droning. MORE

AUDIO in May 2013:

"Despite its manageable size, the DALI surprised with a very spacious stage image: Details were easily locatable in recordings in depth and width.The fresh treble promoted this precision, the DALI also delivered a full bass, which despite the small chassis itself freestanding played sufficiently powerful. " MORE

HEIMKINO in April 2012 to a surround setup with ZENSOR 5, ZENSOR 1, ZENSOR VOKAL and SUB E-12F:

"The breathtaking price-performance ratio of the DALI ZENSOR series is particularly impressive - more sound and home cinema fun for the money should hardly be possible at the moment." MORE

HIFI TEST in February 2012:

"The ZENSOR 5 by DALI is a really extraordinary speaker, it plays neutral, detailed, dynamic, surprisingly deep, stacks spatially vividly and has an authentic musicality.The Zensor 5 is remarkably well-processed, has pleasing proportions and is perfect for small and medium-sized living rooms, but the best thing about the DALI ZENSOR 5 is its breathtaking value for money. MORE

DIGITALLIFE.SE in January 2012:

"I will probably have to spend the rest of my life with these very high-quality DALI ZENSOR 5 - processing quality, weight and aesthetics are at a very high level." MORE

WHAT HI-FI? in november 2011:

WHAT HI-FI? Award for "Best conventional speaker system £ 700- £ 1500" for the surround set consisting of DALI ZENSOR 1, 5, VOKAL and SUB E-12F. MORE

FONO FORUM in August 2011:

"For this price, the DALI loudspeakers sound very good, look elegant and - last but not least - are superbly processed." MORE

CENSOR 5 Technical data



design type




Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) [Hz]

43 - 26,500

Sensitivity (2,83V / 1m) [dB]


Nominal impedance [Ω]


Maximum sound pressure level [dB]


Recommended amplifier power [W]

30 - 150

Crossover frequencies [Hz]

2,400 Hz


1 x 25 mm soft textile dome


2 x 5.25 "Wood Fiber Cone

housing type

Bass Reflex

Bass reflex tuning frequency [Hz]



Single wire

Magnetic shielding


Recommended installation


Recommended wall distance [cm]

20 - 80

Maximum dimensions with base and cover (HxWxD) [mm]

840 212 x x 253

Weight [kg]



User manual

Rubber bumpers


Optional accessories

White cricket