Dali censor 3 pair price, speakers, hifiteam, home entertainment for you
Dali censor 3 pair price, speakers, hifiteam, home entertainment for you Dali censor 3 pair price, speakers, hifiteam, home entertainment for you

Dali censor 3 pair price


€ 390.00 € 418.00

The DALI ZENSOR 3 is a new member of the already successful ZENSOR series, which has been very successful in numerous tests and designed for demanding beginners and budget-conscious hi-fi fans.

As a larger shelf box it is located between the more compact ZENSOR 1 and the smaller still model ZENSOR 5.

The case is large enough to reproduce a powerful, controlled and deep bass while being so compact that the ZENSOR 3 can easily be placed on a shelf or on a pedestal. Thanks to the clever combination of two already proven in the other family members chassis this brand new speaker sounds much more adult than its dimensions suggest.

The 180 mm large, already known from the ZENSOR 7 woofer ensures an unexpectedly powerful and deep enough bass reproduction. Its membrane consists of a mixture of fine-grained paper mix and wood fibers - a particularly stiff and lightweight material that guarantees a clean and clear reproduction of every little musical detail.

The 180 mm cone has an 165% larger membrane area compared to the standard 15 mm chassis. As a result, the ZENSOR 3 can produce the same sound pressure with significantly lower diaphragm deflections, resulting in particularly dynamic and impulsive music reproduction.

In addition, the chassis have a particularly powerful magnetic drive with a four-layer voice coil, which helps the ZENSOR 3 to a very controlled and precise bass. Compared to designs with a conventional two-layered voice coil, the ZENSOR woofers are impressive by an impressive 17%.

Finally, copper-encapsulated aluminum cables help to ensure optimum midrange reproduction.

The 25 mm large fabric dome has also proven itself in the other ZENSOR models and has been prized for many years for its highly detailed high-frequency reproduction, its far-reaching frequency response and its low discoloration.

Series censor
design type front
Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) [Hz] 50 - 26,500
Sensitivity (2,83V / 1m) [dB] 88.0
Nominal impedance [Ω] 6
Maximum sound pressure level [dB] 108
Recommended amplifier power [W] 25 - 125
Crossover frequencies [Hz] 2,600 Hz
Tweeter 1 x 25 mm soft textile dome
woofer 1 x 7 "Wood Fiber Cone
housing type Bass Reflex
Bass reflex tuning frequency [Hz] 46.0
Input Single wire
Magnetic shielding No
Recommended installation Shelf
Recommended wall distance [cm] 5 - 30 cm
Maximum dimensions with base and cover (HxWxD) [mm] 351 205 x x 293
Weight [kg] 6.3
Accessories User manual
Rubber pads
Optional accessories White cricket

The ZENSOR 3 in the test:

ON-MAG.FR in February 2014:
"The French online magazine On-Topaudio sums up the test of the compact shelf box ZENSOR 3 with one word: Bravo !." MORE

WHAT HI-FI? in December 2013:
"These speakers are incredibly good, so they are so musical and so much fun that we listened to entire CDs and almost forgot we were supposed to be testing a speaker." MORE

AREADVD.DE in October 2013:
"Masterpieces do not have to be sinfully expensive, but can also be characterized by an almost optimal relationship between price and performance.This is precisely the way the Dali Zensor 3 goes, which not only boasts clean processing but above all first-class sound at a low purchase price . " MORE

SEMPRE-AUDIO.DE in October 2013:
"With the DALI ZENSOR 3, the Danes are delivering an immensely versatile loudspeaker system at a particularly attractive price.It is of course suitable for surround applications, but it is especially impressive if you are looking for a low-priced, yet very appealing, compact HiFi. System is looking for a suitable solution, because with the DALI ZENSOR 3 you will find exactly that. " MORE

STEREO in September 2013:
"To a certain extent, the excellent DALI ZENSOR 1 with more displacement, pleasant and convincingly universal, an unbelievable equivalent for 400 Euro!" MORE

AUDIO in August 2013:
"The testers were impressed by the large and precise stage of the new ZENSOR 3 compact box, with stereo effects that the DALI ZENSOR 3 accurately reproduced with great timing, and the bass went down amazingly low without sacrificing precision." MORE