Dali censor 1 couple, speakers, hifiteam, home entertainment for you
Dali censor 1 couple, speakers, hifiteam, home entertainment for you Dali censor 1 couple, speakers, hifiteam, home entertainment for you Dali censor 1 couple, speakers, hifiteam, home entertainment for you

Dali censor 1 couple


€ 239.00 € 290.00

What a loudspeaker! The ZENSOR 1 is so small that you can clamp it under your arm, and sounds as huge as you would expect from a shelf box of this format.

It's your choice: Whether as an all-around stereo box in primarily small to medium sized rooms, as a front speaker in 2.1 stereo systems with subwoofer or as a satellite for the surround back channels in a 5.1-channel home theater - the versatile Benjamin of the ZENSOR series presents itself every challenge with success.

The tools required for this bring the ZENSOR 1: the unique, extremely lightweight yet extremely stiff wood fiber membrane developed by DALI ensures very dynamic, detailed and clean bass and midrange reproduction. The playback of the high-frequency range far beyond the audible spectrum takes over a particularly light and fast Kalottenmembran. And with its compact 6-liter case, a baffle smaller than a DIN A4 letterhead and a sophisticated design with a glossy-lacquered front, the ZENSOR 1 fits in perfectly with any modern interior.

According to the DALI motto "For the love of music", the ZENSOR 1 is tuned so that it can convincingly render any kind of music and soundtracks. Other features such as integrated wall mounts, rounded housing corners and a bass reflex opening on the back make the speaker a universal, good-looking and sonorous partner in everyday life.

€ 179,00 per piece

Series censor
design type front
Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) [Hz] 53 - 26,500
Sensitivity (2,83V / 1m) [dB] 86.5
Nominal impedance [Ω] 6
Maximum sound pressure level [dB] 106
Recommended amplifier power [W] 25 - 100
Crossover frequencies [Hz] 2,900 Hz
Tweeter 1 x 25 mm soft textile dome
woofer 1 x 5.25 "Wood Fiber Cone
housing type Bass Reflex
Bass reflex tuning frequency [Hz] 51.5
Input Single wire
Magnetic shielding Semi Magnetic Shielded
Recommended installation Keyhole mounting
Maximum dimensions with base and cover (HxWxD) [mm] 274 162 x x 220
Weight [kg] 4.2
Accessories User manual
Rubber bumpers
Optional accessories White cricket

The ZENSOR 1 in the test:
AVFORUMS.COM in April 2014:
"This superior system provides compelling evidence that buying a classic 5.1 speaker system still pays off." MORE
WHAT HI-FI? in March 2014:
"The ZENSOR 1 are outstanding speakers in every respect and deserve to keep their place at the top of the top-ten most-priced low-cost speakers." MORE

WHAT HI-FI? in October 2013:
The ZENSOR 1 are from WHAT HI-FI? awarded with the ZENSOR VOKAL and the SUB E-9F as "Best conventional speaker set in the price category £ 700- £ 1500" and receive the WHAT HI-FI? Award 2013. MORE

YD & BILLEDE in April 2013:
"The combination is of course also great for listening to movie soundtracks, whether with or without a subwoofer - this is a fantastic hi-fi system at a great price!" MORE

BESTEPRODUCT.NL in January 2013:
"The ZENSOR 1 sound remarkably good for a set in this class and impressed the testers with a surprisingly richly detailed sound.At this price, the testers agreed, it will be very difficult to find a better sounding speaker than the DALI CENSOR 1. " MORE

AV MAX in January 2013:
Product of the year "Best of AV MAX 2012" in the category "Best value for money". MORE

AUDIOVISION in July 2012:
"Measured by the price, DALI's set sets standards in many disciplines and is extremely fun with its enthusiasm and great bass performance." MORE

I-FIDELITY.NET in May 2012 to a surround setup with ZENSOR 7, ZENSOR 1, ZENSOR VOKAL and SUB E-12F:
"With the ZENSOR series, the DALI developers are once again demonstrating that they really master their craft." Tonally, the ZENSORs play on the bright rather than the bulky side of the tonal balance, without appearing thin the wonderful sound of the speaker body, for which - and one can hardly say that out loud - in relation, too little money is required. " MORE

HEIMKINO in April 2012 to a surround setup with ZENSOR 5, ZENSOR 1, ZENSOR VOKAL and SUB E-12F:
"The breathtaking price-performance ratio of the DALI ZENSOR series is particularly impressive - more sound and home cinema fun for the money should hardly be possible at the moment." MORE