NAD DAC black gloss lacquer NAD D1050 Secondhand USB DAC
NAD DAC black gloss lacquer NAD D1050 Secondhand USB DAC NAD DAC black gloss lacquer NAD D1050 Secondhand USB DAC NAD DAC black gloss lacquer NAD D1050 Secondhand USB DAC NAD DAC black gloss lacquer NAD D1050 Secondhand USB DAC NAD DAC black gloss lacquer NAD D1050 Secondhand USB DAC

NAD D1050 Secondhand USB DAC


€ 259.00 € 499.00

In our opinion, the cheapest "high-end" D / A converter also with headphone output. DREAMY SOUND with extremely good price-performance.

Approximately 2 years young, 1 year warranty!

The world is digital. That's why the innovative DA converter D 1050 is the perfect interface to the classic hi-fi system. Thanks to a variety of digital inputs, no data supplier is left out. The sophisticated technology right through to the audiophile XLR outputs guarantees outstanding sound quality at the typical NAD price.

The D 1050 is the perfect solution to play music, even in higher resolution than the CD, from the computer via the hi-fi system. However, it is ultimately a sound turbo for every digital source, if the internal converter stages of the connected device are bypassed and the D 1050 with its ingenious technology is responsible for the conversion. This applies to Blu-ray DVD and CD players, the satellite receiver, flat screen, game console or network player. Both areas, both digital and analog signal processing, are optimized with NAD's 40 experience.

In order to meet different formats, the D 1050 offers all standard digital interfaces on its back. SPDIF inputs in electrical and optical design. Twice. Like the USB interface for direct connection to the computer. With a special feature: the input works asynchronously, ie with the high-quality internal clock generator of the D 1050. Thus, the converter takes over the control of the connected computer output and can thus minimize the dreaded jitter (time error). Of course, the codec 2 is supported and thus the transmission of signals with a resolution of up to 192 kHz via USB.

There are excellent and very expensive components inside the D 1050. But that's just a first step to success. The crucial factor is the integration into the circuit concept in order to achieve the optimum sound result. And this is where decades of NAD experience come into play. In the analogue as well as digital field. Extremely short signal paths are required at these frequencies. NAD achieves this by using multilayer PCBs and miniature components (SMD), which are attached with silver-containing solder. Furthermore, outsourcing of the power supply makes sense. Thus, the degrees of freedom in the development are greater, because you must fear in the design of the power supply no radiation to the sensitive signal streams - the spatial separation makes it possible.

The actual conversion in D 1050 is based on 1 bit technology (Delta / Sigma) with corresponding oversampling filters. This technique currently offers the best balance between all relevant technical specifications. Especially with optimal phase fidelity. Especially in the upper, extended frequency range with regard to the various sampling rates such as 88,2 kHz, 96 kHz, 172,4 kHz and 192 kHz, this allows a perfect frequency response. Each sampling frequency has its finely tuned clock and keeps the jitter at a negligible level. Every step is based on the claim to process every single bit perfectly. It is not high or artificially downscaled the sampling frequency, but the incoming signal processed in its native resolution. The frequency of the scan is shown on the display.

The outputs of the D 1050 (RCA and XLR) have a fixed level and are not adjustable. But the connected headphones (for example, for the NAD
VISO HP50). It is powered by a small specific amplifier with extremely low output impedance. This eliminates the influence of the connected cables and the noise floor is negligible.

Last but not least, the technology is an environmental showpiece. The D 1050 goes with extremely low consumption at the start and still convinces with an audiophile Klagqualität. That's modern and responsible. An exciting and sonically outstanding model.


test summary

In a detailed review of the D 1050 USB DAC, it's clear Truly Net reviewer Greg knows how big of a difference digital-to-analogue converters can make for lossless music. On the D 1050's sound quality he comments, "the NAD D 1050 adds its own flair and flavor, which we tend to like, especially on groove and soul tracks."

So, he said, "NAD has worked some wonders here," he said, "talking about the development of the NAD Digital Series. But it's in the convenient volume controls that Greg found love; "really convenient volume control, which is a nice balance between the receivers and amps classic and the more modern look and feel."


• Formats up to 24 bit and 192 kHz
• One cinch and one balanced output
• Powerful headphone amplifier
• Available in black
• RRP 499,00 €


• Two coaxial digital inputs
• Two optical digital inputs
• USB port for the computer (B type)
• 1x input digital USB (computer)
• RCA output
• Balanced (XLR) output
• Headphone amplifier adjustable
• Maximum output voltage: 2 volts
• Harmonic distortions:
USB <0,001%
Coaxial / Optical <0,0006%
• Standby consumption <0,5 W
• Dimensions (W x H x D) *:
58 x 186 x 208 mm
• Net Weight: 1 Kg
• Transport weight: 2,1 Kg