AYON AUDIO Austria Network Player Ayon Audio S-10 Signature Demo
AYON AUDIO Austria Network Player Ayon Audio S-10 Signature Demo AYON AUDIO Austria Network Player Ayon Audio S-10 Signature Demo AYON AUDIO Austria Network Player Ayon Audio S-10 Signature Demo

Ayon Audio S-10 Signature


€ 4,990.07 € 7,495.00

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Execution with best components and upsampling on DSD. Unbelievable good !

Network player reference with full features, Roon compatible!

Modular network streamer + DA converter for PCM and DSD. TIDAL integrates, ingeniously simple and uniquely comfortable operation in combination with Roon Server!

Ayon's next step in the future of modern music playback, reference.

The best network player ever? Just compare with us!

All data formats up to 24 / 384k and up to DSD256 are converted to maximum quality.

New test report:


Quote Hifi Statement:

"Finally, it's clear that, in the endurance test, I've always tuned in to DSD conversion and found it particularly pleasing, without a doubt the sound quality achieved with the DSD conversion is amazing, regardless of the source material's resolution in CD quality to a very special degree of the DSD conversion.

And who of us already has only recordings in hires in his music collection?


The Ayon S-10 is a great device with outstanding tonal qualities and exceptionally versatile with a perfectly matched network player, converter and preamp. You can not find that every day. But the DSD conversion option is the icing on the cake and makes the S-10 sonically special. "

TIDAL playback is directly integrated - access a pool of more than 30 millions of music tracks. Uncompressed!

And what does modular mean?

You can expand the device with the preamp option - then you get 2 analog inputs and an 4fold Electric-Analogue Switch volume control.
Or ascend to the highest sound levels with the Signature Option - possible by converting all signals to DSD and Mundorf Silver / Gold Caps.

That's Ayon!

Review of the ROON operating software:


product features
  • Network streamer
  • DA converter
  • Preliminary stage (optional)
  • Class A tube output stages with 2x 6H30
  • 4x 6Z4 or 6CP4 tube rectifier
  • 1x Line inputs
  • 3x Digital Inputs (1x SPIDF, 1x TosLink, USB)
  • 1x Digital Output (SPDIF)
  • 2x Analog Amplifier Outputs (1x RCA, 1x XLR)
  • Volume RC
  • Input RC
  • Tidal integrated
  • Qobuz from 2017
  • Roon compatible, Roon server must be present!

Technical data:
  • Name: Ayon S-10
  • Device Type: Modular Streamer
  • Sampling rate: 384kHz / 24bit 6 DSD64 / 128 / 256
  • Tubes analog output: 2x 6H30
  • Dynamics:> 120dB
  • Channel separation:> 105dB
  • Volume system: Electric-analog controlled
  • Volume mode: Variable or Fixed (audio signal becomes
    led directly to the tube output stage)
  • Output RCA / LOW: 2V fixed or 0-8V rms var.
  • Output RCA / HIGH: 4V fixed or 0-8V rms var.
  • Output XLR / LOW: 4V fixed or 0-8V rms var.
  • Output XLR / HIGH: 8V fixed or 0-8V rms var.
  • Output resistance: ~ 700 ohms (RCA and XLR)
  • Digital outputs: S / PDIF
  • Digital inputs: S / PDIF, TosLink, USB-B to 192k and DSD64 / 128, 2x USB
  • Network: Wi-Fi and RJ45 10 / 100 Mbps
  • SNR:> 115 dB
  • Bandwidth: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 0.3dB
  • THD @ 1kHz: <0.002%
  • Analog high level inputs and outputs: 2x RCA on
  • Analog amplifier outputs: RCA u. XLR
  • Dimensions Streamer / PSU (WxDxH): 48x36x12cm
  • Weight: 12 kg

Network Player, Single Chassis and Modular design;
2 x 6H30 tube output stage, RCA / O & Bal / O, RC;
Streamer: All PCM and DSD formats, TIDAL, 2x USB Type "A";
Digital / IN: SPDIF, TosLink, USB 24-192 & DSD, USB Type "B";
Digital / OUT: SPDIF; Ethernet LAN & WiFi
Analogue / IN: Line 1 / RCA & Line 2 / RCA (optional - PRE version)
€ 5.495 .--

With analog preamplifier
Quad electrical-analog volume control system with 2 pair analog
line inputs; OPTION
+ € 495, -
PCM-DSD converter for all PCM signals (DAC, USB and Streamer)
Mundorf Gold / Silver capacitors; OPTION
+ € 1.495, -