Ayon Audio BlackArrow pair price, speaker, hifiteam, home entertainment for you
Ayon Audio BlackArrow pair price, speaker, hifiteam, home entertainment for you Ayon Audio BlackArrow pair price, speaker, hifiteam, home entertainment for you Ayon Audio BlackArrow pair price, speaker, hifiteam, home entertainment for you Ayon Audio BlackArrow pair price, speaker, hifiteam, home entertainment for you

Ayon Audio BlackArrow pair price


€ 6,990.00 € 13,990.00

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5Years young, from estate, 1 year warranty, private sale, with OVP,

from non-smoking household!

The genius of AYON AUDIO also plays with very low amplifier power, HIGH-SPEED SPEAKER of a new generation:

Ayon - Black Arrow:

At Ayon, great emphasis is placed on spatial 3-D mapping, neutrality, resolution and dynamics, all of these attributes have also been incorporated into BlackArrow.

The instrument-layer wooden case and the linear - homogeneous tuning and their slightest phase rotations leave the timbres completely intact.
The sound is unusually free and open, highly musical and provided with a large sound body extension. The bass range is powerful, sufficiently deep and airy, or flows seamlessly into the midrange.

The midtone area shines with an excellent detail resolution and yet never seems intrusive or undercooled. A flugelhorn sounds like a flugelhorn and not like a trumpet.

Nothing sounds nasal or hollow unless it's recorded that way. The treble range is silky, detailed and transparently reproduced.

The tonal homogeneity invites to long-term listening, without spreading boredom, for the mature listener hardly anything to be desired. An absolute new star on the speaker horizon!

, 3-way system
, Elliptical housing design
, Airflow Damping System
, Case made of resonance-optimized instrument plywood
, Ribbon tweeter
, Woofer 8 "
, WBT Bi-Wire Terminal (optional)
, ALPHA amp for active woofer (optional)
, Case design: elliptical with AirFlowDamping
, Housing material: Resonance opt. Instrument plywood
, Terminal terminals: WBT
, Number of ways: 4
, Tweeter + Super tweeter: Ribbon
, Midrange: 5.5 "
, Bass: 8 "
, Sensitivity: 91 dB
, Impedance: 8 Ω
, Recommended amplifier power: 10 - 150 W
, Frequency response: 35 Hz - 50 kHz / -3 dB
, Internal wiring: Harmonically signal flow distance wiring
, Frequency Softening Design: Crossover magnetic field interaction control
, Dimensions (WxHxD): 121 x 42 x 32 cm
, Weight / piece: 40 kg



Ayon BlackArrow "Stereoplay"
August 2014, Germany

Review summary: English Translation
Alan Parson's "I Robot" flashed and grooved around the listener's ears, seemed more lively and warmer than ever. Surprising, however, that the often claimed disadvantages of the tubes are never restored.
On the contrary, in the first place, the BlackArrow presents itself as fundamental and perfectly true.
Oh tube lover, what more could you want!

Download test report here:


Ayon attaches 3-D reproduction, neutrality, resolution, and dynamics. All of these features have been realized in the BlackArrow-S.
The laminated wooden instrument housing and the linear-homogeneous tuning and their minimal phase rotation leave the acoustic colors completely intact.
The sound is extraordinarily free and open, highly musical and equipped with a great expansion of the sound. The bass is punchy, deep and airy and smooth in the mid-range.
The mid-range section gleams with an excellent resolution of fine details; however, it never sounds obtrusive or cool.
A flugelhorn sounds like a flugelhorn but not like a trumpet. Nothing sounds nasal or hollow unless it has been recorded this way. The high-range is reproduced shiny, detailed and transparent.
The homogeneity of the sound invites you to long-term listening without getting bored; for the mature listener almost no wishes remain unsatisfied. An absolutely new star on the loudspeaker firmament!
  • Superior transient characteristics
  • Flat impedance curve
  • Easy to drive especially for tube amps
  • Flat frequency response
  • Great impact
  • Low distortion
  • Perfect time alignment
  • Excellent phase coherence

Ayon loudspeakers are designed to provide open, dynamic, lifelike sound, powerful bass, highly detailed ambient retrieval and tonal neutrality. Combining high efficiency, linear impedance behavior and minimal phase distortion, they are equally suited for single-ended triode, tube or transistor amplification. Synergistic design solutions and perfect craftsmanship make them outstanding in more than one regard.

Innovative technologies, advanced design and the best available components have been brought together by our skilled designers to create loudspeakers which embody "The New Age of Sound" in audio technology. These speakers employ premium Ayon internal wiring, ultimate quality drivers, "High density plywood material - Resonance optimized" cabinets and highly selected crossover parts including air foil chokes. All crossover circuits are hard-wired with surface-only conductors, eliminating the deleterious sonic effects of printed circuit boards.

The combination of highest quality components, technological breakthroughs and uncompromising manufacturing standards represent a unique price / performance ratio in the market. In addition to offering advanced technical and sonic solutions, we are pleased to announce that Ayon Audio Thrive has a clear-cut, timeless design in our loudspeakers which fits perfectly with high quality interiors and modern domestic environments.

Speakers have optical damage to the paint and housing.