Audioquest Nightowl Carbon, headphones, hifiteam, home entertainment for you
Audioquest Nightowl Carbon, headphones, hifiteam, home entertainment for you Audioquest Nightowl Carbon, headphones, hifiteam, home entertainment for you Audioquest Nightowl Carbon, headphones, hifiteam, home entertainment for you Audioquest Nightowl Carbon, headphones, hifiteam, home entertainment for you

Audioquest Nightowl Carbon

audio quest

€ 389.00 € 699.00

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Fantastic headphone now for a special price, multiple test winner, ideal for traveling (micro built-in) and at home!
HIFITEST: Reference class:
4.0 from 5 stars
For the NightOwl Carbon, Audioquest uses the same 50-mm drivers with membranes made of biocellulose as the established NightHawk and NightHawk Carbon models.
In contrast to their semi-open construction
the housings of the NightOwl Carbon are closed to the outside.
And this is not quite true - hidden Audioquest has well-insulated ventilation openings built in, avoiding the unpleasant pressure on the ears that some closed headphones produce.
Nevertheless, the NightOwl offers a high level of sound insulation, which recommends it for use on the go. Also Audioquest sees the main application of the headphone here and only packs a 1,3 meter long connection cable
with an 1 key remote control with microphone integrated into the Y-piece. With an impedance of 25 ohms with an efficiency of 99 dB, the NightOwl should also be easy to drive from any mobile player.
Longer cables have Audioquest as an accessory on offer.
But the Americans are packing two pairs of ear cushions - one with imitation leather cover, the other with suede cover. The whole thing comes in a handy bag in the same still diverse cloth bags and cleaning cloths
for headphones and accessories. A solid 6,3-mm adapter is also included.
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With the new Audioquest NightOwl Carbon Audioquest presents for the first time a closed over-ear headphone and complements for the time being, besides the Audioquest NightHawk and Audioquest NightHawk Carbon the series of headphones.

In short...

With the new Audioquest NightOwl Carbon, the first closed headphones from Audioquest are now available.

We mean...

With the new audioquest NightOwl Carbon Audioquest completes the product segment Personal Audio now with a closed over-ear headphone, which has the same virtues as its open siblings, the Audioquest NightHawk and Audioquest NightHawk Carbon. Through a special construction inside the outer ear, he should offer the advantages of a closed headphone, but not have its disadvantages. In addition, Audioquest, with the new Audioquest NightOwl Carbon as well as with the Audioquest NightHawk Carbon, is especially targeting those customers who are looking for a solution for mobile use.

Gradually, the US cable specialist expanded AudioQuest In recent years, his offer has expanded beyond the actual core segment of the company to include new business areas. Audioquest put the highest value on not being just another supplier in the respective segment, but counting them right from the beginning to the best Audioquest NightHawk under Evidence.

With the said Audioquest NightHawk not only headphones were on offer, like so many other new entrants especially in this thriving market segment, but simply a really great model, which boasts numerous innovations, and thus was able to establish itself very successfully.

Nevertheless, it is a bit surprising that Audioquest was content with this model for a comparatively long time. But now you are expanding the offer in the field of headphones, or better in the field of personal audio once more, and indeed by two models.

On the one hand, shortly with the Audioquest NightHawk Carbon a thoroughly improved version of the still available Audioquest NightHawk available, also the product range is the new Audioquest NightOwl Carbon extended.

If the Audioquest NightHawk as well as the new Audioquest NightHawk Carbon are so-called open headphones, then the new Audioquest NightOwl Carbon is the first closed headphone of the American company. In a proven way, the new Audioquest NightOwl Carbon is a so-called over-ear headphone, a model that completely surrounds the ears of the user.

And this is also a very important feature of the new Audioquest NightOwl Carbon, because this should, according to the manufacturer, allow an always untroubled music enjoyment, largely free from ambient noise.

The developers of the new Audioquest NightOwl Carbon have proven to rely on earcups that are made of a very special material, namely "liquid wood", that is to say, Liquid Wood, a special mixture of wood and other plant fibers, which is similar to a plastic allowed in conventional injection molding. Thus, on the one hand, the chic, relatively flat shape of the earpieces can be realized, in addition, one makes the acoustically optimum properties of these natural fibers own, so that these ear cups contribute significantly to the sound character of AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon.

So even though this is a closed headphone design, the developers of the new AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon still rely on a ventilation system, via a channel that runs directly behind the drivers, and out through a hidden opening. The manufacturer speaks here of a "hidden airflow-resistive port", which ensures an always free swinging of the driver membrane without damaging pressure build-up and prevents any oscillation and resonances in the approach.

As with his siblings, the new Audioquest NightOwl Carbon also has a self-adjusting headband. This consists on the one hand of a thin and covered with textile fabric spring steel strap, and an elastic band, which is covered with protein leather.

Although the new Audio Quest NightOwl Carbon after all, 346 g brings on the scales, so not so lightweight headphones, this mechanism is to ensure an always comfortable grip even with prolonged use.

The soft padded earpads, which are covered with protein leather as standard, also contribute to this. The new Audioquest NightOwl Carbon comes with two pairs of these earpads, with the second pair covered with a very soft fabric - Ultrasuede. This should be a slightly different sound character can be achieved.

Incidentally, the just described mechanism of the temple may look comparatively delicate at first glance, but after we have the Audio Quest NightHawk for a long time almost daily in use, which indeed has the same structure, we can confirm from our own experience that it is It is an absolutely solid and robust construction.

Let's get to the most important part of the new Audioquest NightOwl Carbon, its driver. Here, the developers rely on proven, so exactly the same driver, as it is used in all other headphone models by Audioquest. It is a so-called Dynamic Driver with biocellulose diaphragm and a diameter of at least 50 mm as well as an 1,2 T split-gap motor as drive. This has a sensitivity of 99 dB at an impedance of only 25 ohms, so it is well suited for comparatively low-power output stages such as a smartphone.

Speaking of smartphones, the Audio Quest NightHawk was designed primarily for use on a hi-fi or desktop audio system because of the long cable, so Audioquest is now focusing primarily on mobile use.

For example, the new Audioquest NightOwl Carbon cable made from Long Grain Copper, which has been fitted with plastic sheaths, has a length of just 1,3 m, making it ideal for use on the move.

It is also fitting that a remote control including a microphone has now been integrated into the cable, and very discreetly, directly in the fork of the cable, where the left and right auricle are "driven".

The cable can be removed, so it is equipped at one end with dual 2,5 mm mono jack, at the other end with a 3,5 mm stereo mini jack, which have been refined using Direct-Silver Plated Tellurium Copper (TeCu) to over years to guarantee a secure connection. An adapter for 6,3 mm stereo jack sockets is included. "

Type: headphones (over-ear) • Type: headband • Principle: closed • Microphone: cable microphone • Interface: jack plug (3.5mm, 6.35mm) • Impedance: 25Ω • Sensitivity: 99dB • Driver: 50mm • Cable: 1.3m, exchangeable, angled plug • Weight: 346g • Color: gray

  • Closed design for deeper immersion, improved shielding against outside noise.
  • Dynamic 50-mm driver with biocellulose membrane, rubber surround and voice coil bobbins for low distortion, long stroke and true piston-like motion
  • Sustainably constructed, environmentally friendly components and materials, such as liquid-wood (liquid-wood) earpieces and biocellulose membranes
  • Elegant Porsche Carbon Gray metallic high-gloss finish and powerful AudioQuest cable with unobtrusive smartphone control and microphone
  • Two earpad sets: protein leather for better shielding, increased height transparency; Alcantara for greater comfort, slightly reduced bass pressure.



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Sound level: 89%
Price / Performance: "outstanding" (5 of 5 stars)

"The new Nightowl delivers an absolutely convincing performance - we have not heard a closed headset with such open and accurate playback all too often. Add to that a great wearing comfort. "

Tablet and smartphone

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1,2; class
Price / Performance: "good - very good"

"Plus: excellent sound; extensive equipment.
Minus: -. "

ear in

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1,2; reference class
Price / Performance: "very good", "sound tip"

"... the Audioquest NightOwl Carbon is a real sound tip. Thanks to its closed construction, you can use it on the move, but I would rather listen to it on the long cable home, where its high sound insulation would be conducive to domestic peace. "