AMC Tuner Black AMC XTd Tuner Sound Tip FM DAB +
AMC Tuner Black AMC XTd Tuner Sound Tip FM DAB + AMC Tuner Black AMC XTd Tuner Sound Tip FM DAB +

AMC XTd tuner sound tip FM DAB +


€ 549.00 € 595.00

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The AMC XTd tuner is the ideal complement for the dedicated radio listener. High-quality IF filters for signal reception ensure that the tonal possibilities of the medium can be fully exploited.

The technical options are very interesting. So he offers with his RDS - Radio Data System - FM operation a lot of information about the current station.

He also includes one digital DAB + tuner, This digital reception via antenna - similar to the DVB-T of the television - is already standard in some states such as Great Britain.
In Germany, too, the significance will increase rapidly and AMC keeps all future possibilities open with this device!

Furthermore, the XTd offers a variety of communication interfaces for remote control and integration into your existing audio system or home PA system. It can be remotely controlled via RS-232, as well as trigger in- and output and IR in and out for easy remote on / off control of this unit. The indoor antenna for DAB + / FM reception and an IR remote control are included.

  • Black / Silver: o / o
  • Remote control: Yes
  • DAB +: Yes
  • Antenna socket: F61 50Ohm
  • Output voltage: 530mVrms
  • Transmission range (-3dB): 30-15kHz
  • SNR: 74dB
  • THD: 0.08%
  • Dimensions: 43x8.2x30cm
  • Weight: 4kg