AMC amplifier black AMC XIA HCO
AMC amplifier black AMC XIA HCO AMC amplifier black AMC XIA HCO AMC amplifier black AMC XIA HCO



€ 429.00 € 450.00

AMC XIA 30t, the sound tip in this price range!

Stereo amplifier, incl. remote control and phono

Well, in this price / performance ratio, the competition will bite your teeth.

Latest version with HCOPS power supply!

One notices immediately, if one AMC XIA 30 get to know. The AMC including motorized source selection. Here an input selector switch without relay or usual mechanical switch was designed.

One of the many ideas that makes this AMC amplifier so musical. In addition there are the bridgeable tone control, remote control, a phono MM and MC input and the pulse-optimized power supply with 30 ampere! Current output.

The technician notices immediately - here is what is offered right. Even electrical loads of difficult loudspeakers can thus be operated without problems. And regular constructions are happy about the reserves.

The special audiophile circuit of the output stage allows the renunciation of sound damaging relay. It optimally adapts to the speakers used via 4 or 8 ohm switching. Gold-plated input jacks and speaker terminals ensure perfect contact with other devices.

The AMC XIA 30 - the price / performance statement!

product features
  • VRC Volume Rotary Control Control:
  • Switch and relay-free source selection
  • Phono MM
  • Phono MC
  • Switchable sound control
  • Headphone output
  • system remote Control
  • Detachable power cord

  • Black / Silver: o / o
  • Remote control: o
  • Sine power 8 Ohm: 30W
  • Sine power 4 Ohm: 45W
  • Music Performance: 60W
  • Inputs (Line / Phono): 4 / 1
  • Tape output: 1
  • Pre-Out: 1
  • Sensitivity Line: 150mV
  • Sensitivity Phono MM: 2.7mV
  • Sensitivity Phono MC: 0.27mV
  • Input Impedance Phono: 47k / 100p
  • Transmission range (-3dB): 10-60kHz
  • SNR: 95dB
  • THD: 0.05%
  • Dimensions: 43x8.2x28.8cm
  • Weight: 8.2kg