AMC Amplifier & Preamplifier AMC CVT-3030 MK2
AMC Amplifier & Preamplifier AMC CVT-3030 MK2 AMC Amplifier & Preamplifier AMC CVT-3030 MK2 AMC Amplifier & Preamplifier AMC CVT-3030 MK2 AMC Amplifier & Preamplifier AMC CVT-3030 MK2

AMC CVT-3030 MK2 Secondhand


€ 599.00 € 1,299.00

    3,5 years young, first owner, new tube assembly, with ovp
    High end for little money!
    • The AMC 3030 was launched in its first variant 1995. He marked an absolute special position. In times when tube amplifiers were not popular, he cleared one test victory after another.

    • Today we present the classic in the current MK2 version. With improved circuit, even better components and IR remote control!

      Both the Image Hifi and the Hifi & Records literally overturned.

      At a really unusual price, a complete amplifier equipped with a tube output stage is offered here.

      The legendary circuit of MosFET driver stage and tube power amp has been retained. The amount of circuitry and components used is really enormous. In the latest version, further improvements to components and circuit details could be implemented. State-of-the-art industrial production makes use of high-quality transformers which can also be set to the respective impedance of the loudspeaker used.

      The service for long-term stability was also taken into account. For example, commercial tubes such as the EL 34 are used here. Quality here too: AMC uses selected Russian tubes that have proven to be the best in terms of sound. Stable to do so and in the case of the cases by the sockets easy to change.

      Perfect conditions for a long enjoyment of the natural sound of your AMC amplifier.

    • 2x 30W
    • 4x EL34 on tube sockets
    • 5x Line in, 1x phono MM / MC in (or optional S / PDIF coax in)
    • 1x tape out, 1x pre out
    • Remote Control
    roductS pecifications
      • Tube amplifier
      • Socketed exchangeable tubes
      • VRC Volume Rotary Control Control
      • Switch and relay-free source selection
      • Phono MM
      • Phono MC
      • Switchable sound control
      • Headphone output
      • system remote Control
      • Detachable power cord

    • Optional modules at extra cost
    • Module "DA 2" for RCA digital input (instead of phono)

    • Black / Silver: o / -
    • Remote control: o
    • Tubes: o
    • Sine power 8 Ohm: 30W
    • Sine power 4 Ohm: 30W
    • Music Performance: 36W
    • Inputs (Line / Phono): 5 / 1
    • Tape output: 1
    • Pre-Out: 1
    • Sensitivity Line: 180mV
    • Sensitivity Phono MM: 2.2mV
    • Sensitivity Phono MC: 0.23mV
    • Input Impedance Phono: 47k / 100p
    • Transmission range (-3dB): 10-80kHz
    • SNR: 90dB
    • THD: 0.4%
    • Dimensions: 43x11.2x28.8cm
    • Weight: 14kg