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Acoustics Revive RR-888

acoustics revive

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Already the third generation of the Schumann Wave Generator, Made in


With us there is only the original, on good systems very clearly audible!

Spatial, purifying, pleasant less artefacts, sounding anloger ....


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The RR-888 is now the 3te and strongest generation of the well-known Schuhmannwellengernerators. The Schuhmann resonance (7,83Hz) is the frequency that exists naturally between the earth's surface and the ionic sphere. Discovered by the German physicist

WO shoe man. Shoemaker frequency has a positive effect on the human brain, animals and plants that have become accustomed to it in the long period of evolution. For some time now, this has been greatly disturbed by radio waves, electromagnetic waves, etc. But before we continue to give explanations, we recommend trying it out! We use two of these devices in our listening room and like to demonstrate that.

The RR-888 changes the listening room into a realistic sound stage full of feeling, all instruments are freely perceptible. Even the picture quality of projectors etc. is improved. Of course there are also customers who use 4 devices in their music room ...

The old model of RR-77 has already been described as positive in the HIFI STATEMENT. And the new RR-888 was tested in the Fidelity Nr.26 with the result that the devices stay here, one in the office and one for the listening room ...


2013 French Magazine "Diapason" D`OR Award Gold Medal

2013 Audio Accessory Excellence Award

2012 MJ Technology of the year

2009 French Magazine "Diapason" D`OR Award Gold Medal

US Audiophile Magazine "6moon" Blue Moon Award

2008 US Audiophile Magazine "The Stereo Times" Most Wanted Components Award

2002 Audio Excellence Award Top Prize in the category