Accuphase E-470 No shipping price on request!, Amplifier, hifiteam, home entertainment for you
Accuphase E-470 No shipping price on request!, Amplifier, hifiteam, home entertainment for you Accuphase E-470 No shipping price on request!, Amplifier, hifiteam, home entertainment for you

Accuphase E-470 No shipping price on request!


€ 9,999.99

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The dynamics and fascination of high performance - A power amplifier close to the performance level and functional range of separate components.

Preamplifier partly equipped with further improved AAVA volume control as well as instrument amp configuration for fully balanced signal transmission. MCS + architecture and signal-feedback technology allow extremely low output impedance and realize a damping factor above 500. Threefold parallel push-pull MOS-FET power transistors and massively-powered power packs deliver full output power of 260 watts per channel to 4 ohms.

  • Output stage with MOS FET power transistors in triple parallel push-pull arrangement provides ample output power: 180 W to 8 ohms or 260 W to 4 ohms per channel.
  • Power amplifier with latest instrumentation amplifier configuration realizes fully balanced signal transmission.
  • MCS + architecture and signal-feedback technology guarantee excellent phase characteristics in the high frequency range.
  • Generously dimensioned power supply with highly efficient toroidal transformer and two large 40.000 μF filter capacitors.
  • Individually adjustable phase angle for each input.
  • Versatile input options including two balanced inputs for remote control of external noise.
  • POWER IN button and preamp outputs / power amp inputs allow separate use of preamplifier and power amp. Both line and balanced connections are available.
  • Semiconductor (MOS-FET) speaker protection circuit breakers prevent contact problems and ensure long-term reliability. The absence of mechanical contacts in the signal path also improves the sound.
  • Two slots for option boards on the back of the device offer great versatility. When using AD-30 or AD-20, MC / MM switching can be performed with a switch on the front of the amplifier.
  • DAC input selector button allows selection of the input signal when using the digital input board DAC-40 with USB interface. Display of the sampling frequency of the detected digital signal is also possible.
  • Logic-controlled relays for signal switching guarantee high sound quality and long-term reliability.
  • Separate headphone amplifier, optimized for best sound quality.
  • Analog peak value displays with novel LED lighting.
  • Two pairs of large-size speaker terminals also allow the use of Y-type cable lugs.
  • Balanced Remote Sensing technology uses balanced signal control with control points near the speaker terminals. This allows balanced feedback in signal and ground lines for lowest impedance and high attenuation factor.

Music can be soothing, inspiring and exciting. It evokes feelings in us and enriches our lives.

This is exactly what ACCUPHASE wants to achieve through audio technology. Under the slogan "A better life through technology" (original "enrich life through technology") Accuphase has been very successfully represented on the world market for many years and today belongs to the best manufacturers of high-end components. Many technical developments and devices have set standards in the industry - and continue to lead the reference classes.

The name ACCUPHASE consists of the prefix ACCU of the word "accurate" (exact, exact) combined with PHASE, ie the time-correct playback, which in turn is the most important factor in audio technology. It is a very apt name that describes the products very well as well as these and other important features from the depths of audio technology. The tireless pursuit of quality requires a very high standard of production, which in turn means that systems for mass production at Accuphase are completely excluded and that production takes place exclusively by hand. As a result, the production volume is limited and Accuphase products are only available from a select number of specialist retailers.
Accuphase requires the following features for all its models:
  1. Innovative mechanical and electronic design principles
  2. Systematic and consistent harmonic and balanced performance in every product aspect
  3. Attractive appearance and simplicity of operation
  4. Long-term product reliability
  5. Long-term service capability
Accuphase also recognized very early on that in addition to first-class technical development services, the customer's long-term satisfaction had to be guaranteed by the highest material and component quality as well as quality control independent of production.

The speed of fashion ACCUPHASE sets well-founded, result-oriented technology and proverbial solidity. This is one of the reasons why Accuphase products enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide and are among the best high-end components on the world market.