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1. October:

NAIM and B & W news premieres with Rüdiger Jankovsky from Music Line

11.00 to 16.00 clock! We are looking forward to your visit !

B & W Diamond 800er series

Naim Audio

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LINN EVENT on the 1. September with us at 19.00 clock:

till brönner linn event

Linn Playback: Till Brönner - The Good Life

Thursday 1st September 2016, 7: 00pm Graz, AustriaHi-fi team

Visit Linn Playback presents Till Brönner and enjoy exclusive, the day before release, the new album "The Good Life" in the best sound quality ever - as Studio Master on a Linn system.

The gentle provocations are usually the most sustainable. The Berlin trumpeter, Till Brönner, is not really known as a provocateur, and yet his new album The Good Life is no less than a tangible challenge. It was not initially thought so. Each album tells its own story.

It works best when a planned plot at the end of a completely different story. At The Good Life, that was the case in the best sense. Of course you can take the album exactly for what it is in and of itself: a wonderfully relaxed re-evaluation of well-established song classics without hell-bent on brushing on "modern". But it will be much more exciting if you understand the album as a temporary highlight of an unusual career.

On The Good Life, Till Brönner manages to tell a whole new story with a series of well-tried jazz and song standards. That this is so easy and mischievous to him, in some moments even refreshingly cold-blooded by the hand, is not least because he cared in his preoccupation with tradition, not the bean for the tradition. He did not take himself too seriously, and certainly did not bother with the question of whom he would compete with. He does it his way.

Video Trailer for the album

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