audioquest network generator Audioquest Niagara 7000 secondhand
audioquest network generator Audioquest Niagara 7000 secondhand audioquest network generator Audioquest Niagara 7000 secondhand audioquest network generator Audioquest Niagara 7000 secondhand audioquest network generator Audioquest Niagara 7000 secondhand audioquest network generator Audioquest Niagara 7000 secondhand

Audioquest Niagara 7000 secondhand

audio quest

€ 6,290.00 € 8,995.00

Erstbesitz, Non smoking, with original box, warranty!

The new generation of net processing, testing possible with us!

Quotes Audioquest:

As with all good design, getting rid of the devil in AC requires attention to every detail. Thanks, Garth! "

-William E. Low, Founder and CEO, AudioQuest


It requires, as with any good design, attention to detail, to overcome the pitfalls of the power supply. Thanks, Garth!
William E. Low, Founder and CEO, AudioQuest

AudioQuest is pleased to introduce the Niagara 7000 Low-Z Power Noise Dissipation System. Mains voltage filtering completely redesigned and developed by Garth Powell, one of the leading experts in the field.

As with any other AQ product so far, most recently our USB DAC DragonFly and the NightHawk headphones, we would not feel like entering this area unless we believe we have something special and meaningful to offer. We believe that with the Niagara 7000, we have created a product that revolutionizes Netzstrom's art and science, a product that will delight audio / video enthusiasts and help create a more immersive, emotionally compelling experience

With the development of the Niagara 7000, we have set ourselves the goal of tackling the issues that prevent current audio / video components from reaching their full potential.

In order to counteract the increase of radio and airline transmitted radio signals in combination with overstressed utility lines and the ever-increasing demands of high definition audio / video components, it is necessary to rethink utility line technology with our A / V systems supply the electricity they need to reach their full potential.

In addition, power amplifiers today have to cope with sudden current spikes even at low volumes.

While we've seen a significant increase in dynamic range in large parts of our audio software, the speakers we use for their playback are not more efficient than they were before 50 years ago. This places great demands on the power supply of a Verstörkers, as well as the mains power source that supplies it.

As we strive to unleash the power of ever-expanding bandwidth and dynamic range, the Niagara 7000 offers extremely low system noise and superior power delivery over a very wide frequency range.

Through specific sampling and spectral analysis, it can be proven that the large amounts of noise in the power lines that feed our components can cause up to one-third of high-resolution (low-level) audio to be lost, masked, or heavily distorted.

This noise couples with the signal circuit to current noise and distorts and / or permanently obscures the source signal via the ground. For the sensitive components of our systems better alternating current is needed.

We note that true audio / video optimization is never a matter of a secret or exotic circuit. When it comes to power line fault isolation, you can achieve meaningful results with different approaches. However, these claims can lead to ringing, current compression, and non-linear distortion, so that medicine is ultimately worse than the actual disease.

Currently, there are power conditioners, isolation transformers, regenerative defectors and battery-powered backup topologies; however, the Niagara 7000 takes a holistic, science-based approach to its utility power technology, demonstrating a comprehensive solution to the increasing noise that drives our power lines.

The Niagara 7000 features optimized directional high frequency lines, input capacitor formation technology developed by Jet Propulsion Laboratories and NASA, as well as heavy duty silver-plated AC input and output contacts over ultra-pure copper for the best possible grip.

The Niagara 7000 uses our patented AC Ground Noise Dissipation System, the world's first biased isolating transformer, and the industry's largest bandwidth linearized noise extraction circuit. Our unique passive / active spur correction circuit incorporates a ready-to-use power reservoir for current spikes up to 90 amps designed specifically for current-hungry power dissipators.

Most high current power mains products only minimize current compression; the Niagara 7000 corrects them.

With the AudioQuest Niagara 7000 music lovers can finally experience the transparency, roughness, frequency extension, dynamics and grip, to which their A / V systems have always been able to get the right power!


  • Biased Dielectric Isolation Transformers: The patented AQ technology significantly reduces nonlinear distortion that has hitherto compromised even the highest quality magnetically based systems, thereby increasing the bandwidth and efficiency of the transformer's noise dissipation.
  • Peak Power Correction: Provides an instant power reserve for current spikes up to 90 amps with reduced line impedance for power-hungry power inverters, whether they are using linear power supplies or switching power supplies.
  • Patented Ground Noise Dissipation System: Directional Derivation of Noise in Six Levels. The patented AQ technology significantly reduces mass-borne noise without compromising safety or producing ground loops at low levels.
  • Ultralinear noise extraction technology over 21 octaves:
    For the most demanding and widest bandwidth effective noise dissipation without the typical for simple, multinodal resonance generators generating imprecise results.
  • Ultra low impedance AC inputs and outputs of the NRG series: