Pass Labs Amplifier Pass Labs XA 30. 8 AC stereo power amplifier

Pass Labs XA 30. 8 AC stereo power amplifier

Pass Labs

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"An amp for eternity

We are completely enchanted and have become our 23. Birthday perhaps the most beautiful gift homemade:

With the new Point 8 series, we've developed the best amplifiers we've ever released.

The contradiction between measurements and subjective listening experiences became even smaller with them.

The new Point-8 components will meet even the most audiophile requirements and take the listener even deeper into the music than any previous passport component.

We took a lot of time for that. It took seven years of research to get to the point 8 amplifiers. The long timeframe underscores our claim that absolute top-quality sound can only come from extremely careful fine-tuning.

It sounds weird, but we're serious: the components of the amplifiers must work in harmony with each other. Only when this is achieved is the subjective fine-tuning.

Fine-tuning does not mean standing exclusively in the measuring laboratory. All our amplifiers go through a detailed listening process that takes them through six different sound systems.

This latest amplifier generation also features the old Pass Credo: You will not get more natural sound and more material in a first-class product, which is exclusively Made in USA.

Pass Labs XA 30. 8 AC
The only stereo power amplifier of the passport XA family is running - promises the abbreviation "XA", in pure Class A mode. It provides 30 watts per channel on speakers with 8 ohms nominal impedance.
This looks modest on paper, but Class A Watts always sound like much more. Especially since the power supply of the new Point 8 generation has become much more stable due to the enlargement of the filter capacitors (by 33%). Undoubtedly, the XA30.8 has benefited most from the seven-year development process to the new Point 8 power amp generation. For example, the small 30er got improved heatsinks, which dissipate the heat better and thus lead to a higher reliability of the transistors. The dielectric strength and power supply capacity increased (as well as the way, dimensions and weight) compared to its predecessor XA30.5 erklecklich. In this respect, the XA30.8 is also in larger chains with normal efficient speakers very well passport-typically large, richly neutral and fine sound images emerge: It is the simplest and most affordable entry into the legendary passport'Sound ideal.