eat turntable EAT Prelude incl. 2m RED

EAT Prelude incl. 2m RED


€ 999.00 € 1,099.00

  • Rigid MDF chassis
  • Heavy turntable made of aluminum
  • Diamond ground aluminum drive pulley
  • belt drive
  • Ortofon 2M Red Pickup Optional
  • Carbon tonearm tube
  • DC power supply for ultimate speed stability
  • Cover in delivery

Product Description

EAT is known for its sophisticated, high-end turntables. With the principle of the mass drive, EAT combats problems such as unwanted vibrations, resonances and the resulting discoloration of the music signal.

The EAT Prelude now offers these otherwise only much larger and more expensive turntables known properties for a very affordable price.

A heavy turntable guarantees constant synchronization and high signal purity due to its inertia. A flat polished stainless steel bearing that runs in a soft bronze bushing ensures an extremely quiet and gentle bowl run. The material used here can also be found in the large EAT drives.

The elegant piano finish of the EAT Prelude fits in every home and every kind of interior. Alternatively, the EAT Prelude is also available with the EAT-typical green engine and drive belt. The scope of delivery includes an acrylic cover in addition to the tonearm. Optionally, the drive is also available complete with an Ortofon 2M Red pickup.

The chassis of the Prelude is made of high-density MDF, protected and covered by eight carefully applied layers of black piano lacquer, which give the turntable a luxurious look and noble finish. This is a first for a price category that usually includes simple chipboard chassis with glued-on veneer. For the engine was dispensed with a mass-loaded construction. Instead, a freestanding engine is used without connection to the main chassis. This avoids the transmission of engine vibrations.

Moving magnet systems (MM) are the most commonly used pickups in this price range. Perfectly adapted for this purpose, a lightweight, extremely stiff and virtually resonance-free, one-piece carbon tonearm tube is used. To optimize the resonance characteristics / frequencies of MM systems in conjunction with the lightweight tonearm, a heavy metal headshell was deliberately omitted.

On the tonearm, which was very elaborate for this price range, special attention was paid to the development. Also on the bearing block for the carbon tonearm including counterweight. The mass storage block behaves like an energy sink for resonances from the pickup, as well as for the low frequency vibrations of chassis. The counterweight includes an anti-resonant damper to reduce the amplitude of the natural tonearm / pickup resonance.

As a perfect partner for pickups for the EAT Prelude, an optional Ortofon 2M Red is available. The discerning listener will find that the Prelude tonearm combined with the Elaborate Chassis elevates the 2M Red to a whole new level of sound. The EAT Prelude impresses with its amazing directness and exceptional dynamics. It is the ideal starting point for building a true, audiophile hi-fi system.

Technical properties Prelude
  • Nominal speeds: 33 / 45 rpm, manual change
  • Speed ​​deviation: 33 rpm: <0.15%; 45 rpm: <0.13%
  • Speed ​​fluctuation: 33 rpm: <0.1%; 45 rpm: <0.09%
  • Rumble: -67 dB
  • Range of application: 0 - 30 mN, 0 - 3 g
  • Counterweight for pickups: 6 - 12 g
  • Effective tonearm mass: 8 g
  • Effective tonearm length: 230 mm
  • Overhang: 18 mm
  • Power consumption: 5W max; 0.3W standby
  • Power supply voltage: 15V DC, 1.6A
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Dimensions W x H x D: 415 x 130 x 335 mm