AMC cd-player AMC XCDI VT MK2
AMC cd-player AMC XCDI VT MK2 AMC cd-player AMC XCDI VT MK2 AMC cd-player AMC XCDI VT MK2 AMC cd-player AMC XCDI VT MK2



€ 719.00 € 799.00

.Demo device: Cd player with USB + SD card reader

The XCDi-vt with vacuum tube or better tube output stage - an extraordinary CD player!

Digital signals are highly praised in our world, but it is often forgotten that we end up listening analogously to humans.

Especially with this analog amplification, thanks to their special properties, the tubes have acoustic advantages that are fully used here. In fact, the typical extra-ordinary spatial and natural sound. Two separate power supplies ensure that digital and analog signals are amplified neatly and without mutual interference.

Add to that the 24 Bit High Resolution Digital Analog Converter from Burr Brown to the other manufacturer alone with pride! Of course, we go even further here and refine the digital signal by means of AMC's own internal upsampling which extrapolates any digital signals and further refines them with sound.

The device is equipped as standard with a USB-A socket and an SD slot on the front. You can easily play music files in MP3 format.

Natural analog tones and the finest digital details connected in a unique way - typical AMC!

AMC XCDi-vt (USB + SD) - Tests

Test Magazine Quote Award
Test AMC XCDi-vt stereoplay 2014 / 08 "So much musicality for the money is not on every street corner - so much is certain!" (Roland Kraft)

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