B & W loudspeaker B & W 704S2 new! unit price
B & W loudspeaker B & W 704S2 new! unit price B & W loudspeaker B & W 704S2 new! unit price B & W loudspeaker B & W 704S2 new! unit price B & W loudspeaker B & W 704S2 new! unit price

B & W 704S2 new! unit price

B & W

€ 1,199.00

  • NEW 09-2017! B + W 704 S2:

A sleek high-performance floorstanding speaker that fits unobtrusively into your home.

  • Carbon Dome ™ tweeter
    Carbon Dome ™ tweeters are a brand new technology built specifically for the 700 series. They provide for the enormous improvement on the aluminum dual dome tweeter, raise the resolution threshold to 47 kHz and ensure precise presentation and detail.

    Continuum ™ membrane
    Introduced for the first time with the 800 Series Diamond, the Continuum ™ diaphragm represents the largest mid-range performance since Kevlar®. Its coated fabric material provides highly controlled resolution and results in a more open, neutral mid-range range.

    Decoupled midrange
    The mid-range speakers in the floorstanding speakers have a decoupled design that has been adapted from a comparable system in the 800 Series Diamond. The decoupling reduces the case discoloration and increases the clarity of the midtones.

    Aerofoil ™ Profile Bass Membrane
    Developed with advanced computer modeling techniques, the Aerofoil ™ Profile Bass Membrane has different strengths, providing rigidity and strength where it's most needed. The result: deep and dynamic bass.

    Technische Merkmale Decoupled carbon dome tweeter
    FST midrange Continuum
    Decoupled midrange
    Aerofoil profile woofer
    FlowPort ™
    Description 3-way bass reflex system
    Chassis 1 x 25-mm Carbon Dome Tweeter (decoupled)
    1 x 130 mm FST Continuum Midrange
    2 x 130-mm Aerofoil Profile Woofers
    frequency Response -6 dB at 43 Hz and 33 kHz
    frequency response 48 Hz - 28 kHz ± 3 dB
    sensitivity 88 dB spl (2,83 V RMS, 1 m)
    Harmonic distortion 2. and 3. Harmonic (90 dB, 1 m)
    <1% 100 Hz - 22 kHz
    <0,5% 300 Hz - 20 kHz
    Impedance (nominal) 8 Ω (minimum 3,1 Ω)
    Recommended power (amplifier) 30 - 150 W to 8 Ω (undistorted)
    Dimensions Height: 925 mm (only the case)
    959 mm (including socket)
    Width: 165 mm (housing only) 252 mm (including socket)
    Depth: 255 mm (only the case)
    277 mm (including grill and connections)
    298 mm (including socket)
    net weight 18,5kg
    Versions Housing: Rosenut (walnut red)
    Gloss Black
    Satin White
    Grill: Black
    Gray (satin white only)