Turntable Workshop + listening pleasure day every Saturday 11.00 to 16.00 PM!

Turntable Workshop + listening pleasure day every Saturday 11.00 to 16.00 PM!

We present you different record players in all price ranges!

Enjoy the best sound with good music in a living room atmosphere.

Turntables of the highest sound class with Carbonton arm from Austria (!) Are already available from EUR 399.-

Every MP-3 or CD player does not look that good .....

Project Carbon turntable affordable

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Netfilter + Co, Workshop with the latest Audioquest + PS-Audio products, 9.11 and 10.11

Netfilter + Co, Workshop with the latest Audioquest + PS-Audio products, 9.11 and 10.11

We look forward to your visit on Friday 9.11 and Saturday the 10.11 on business hours!

Listen to the difference that power cord and mains filter can bring.

Good sound is no longer possible today without the most accurate inclusion of the power supply.

More information here

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TECHNICS EVENT with Premiere of the SL-1000R! 24. + 25.August 2018

TECHNICS EVENT with Premiere of the SL-1000R! 24. + 25.August 2018

Technics SL-1000R turntable concept

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We introduce Technics' new record player highlight.

Record player of the brand Technics: The legend is alive
1970 introduced Technics, the SP-10, the world's first direct drive turntable that has quickly made the SP-10 series the first choice for broadcasters as well as an object of desire for audiophiles around the world, with excellent playback quality and reliability. The great fascination of direct drive has always been in its ability to eliminate sound impairments, such as typically arise in other types of turntables due to tracking variations and micro-vibrations between the drive motor and the transmission mechanisms.

As an innovator and creator of emotional music components, Technics secured such a firm place in the heart of the music world and shaped music history like hardly any other audio brand - from the roots of hip-hop to the rapid rise of international star DJs to the living rooms of millions of music lovers who could hear their favorite pieces at home exactly as they were created by artists and producers.

The SP-10R and the SL-1000R continue this legacy by combining the decade-long experience of Japanese audio engineers with the latest technological breakthroughs. Technics sets a new milestone for modern turntable technologies and underscores its own claim to product development and design for the highest analogue vinyl performance.

New standards with extremely low-noise sound reproduction
At the heart of the Technics SP-10R is a direct drive motor with an ironless double coil stator and twin rotor. The motor is equipped with nine coils on each side of the coil carrier and has a twelve-pole control. As a result, it achieves a synchronization with a deviation of less than 0,015 percent - and is thus in a range in which the deviation can no longer be detected with the usual measuring methods.

The turntable of the SP-10R uses tungsten weights with an extremely high specific weight. These are embedded in the outer edge of an 10mm strong brass support plate, which in turn is connected to the main die-cast aluminum plate. This results in the total weight of the turntable of 7,9kg at an inertia of approximately one ton x cm². On the underside of the aluminum plate also a vibration-damping layer of rubber is applied. This results in a three-layer overall construction that combines high rigidity with excellent vibration damping properties.

To avoid unwanted noise and vibration, the control unit of the SP-10R is also separated from the main chassis. A sophisticated switching power supply is used, which achieves the best control characteristics for high torque. Integrated therein is a specific technological solution that suppresses noise effects on the pickup system and thus ensures a very low-noise power supply. For communication between the main and control unit, the SP-10R also uses a highly noise-resistant system.

With these careful noise reduction measures, the SP-10R achieves a noise-to-noise ratio that is unrivaled worldwide in terms of analog turntables.

Tone arm and base provide superior scanning characteristics
To scan all the information in the record groove, the new Technics reference record players are equipped with a statically balanced S-shaped universal tone arm with a lightweight but high-damping magnesium arm tube. The gimbal bearing design uses bearings of ultimate precision. Only Japanese specialists with many years of experience are able to carry out the complicated assembly and fine adjustment. They achieve an extremely low breakaway torque of the tonearm and thus ensure a high-precision sampling behavior.

In-tone arm cabling uses stranded wires made of oxygen-free copper (OFC). In this way, the sampled by the pickup music signal is in no way affected, the music recording retains its full liveliness.

The tonearm base is fixedly coupled to the turntable chassis, whereby the characteristics for the scanning conditions between the tonearm-supporting structure and the turntable bearings remain constant at all times. The scanning process is therefore optimally protected, so that the strengths of the tonearm come to its best advantage. Additional tonearm bases can be purchased as an option. In addition, short or long tonearm versions from other manufacturers can be connected to the tonearm base. Including the built-tonearm up to three tone arms are possible.

Expansion of the outstanding portfolio of direct drive board players
Meanwhile, the new SP-10R and SL-1000R models have been conceived and designed not only as a replacement but also as an extension of Technics outstanding record player systems. For example, users of older Technics SP-10MK2 and SP-10MK3 models can exchange their old drives, including the controller, for the new SP-10R while fully retaining the frame and tonearm. The external dimensions and screw positions of the SP-10R have been deliberately designed to match those of the SP-10MK2 and SP-10MK3 models. The SP-10R is thus backwards compatible. The same applies to the control unit of the SP-10R, whose shape and dimensions correspond to the control unit of the SP-10MK2.

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Visit us on the HIGH END - we exhibit together with AYON AUDIO

Visit us on the HIGH END - we exhibit together with AYON AUDIO

Visit us at HIGHEND Munich, the largest trade fair

with over 20000 visitors.

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16. + 17. MARCH: Netzfilter + Co, workshop with the latest AUDIOQUEST products and the new KLIPSCH loudspeakers 16. + 17. March !

16. + 17. MARCH: Netzfilter + Co, workshop with the latest AUDIOQUEST products and the new KLIPSCH loudspeakers 16. + 17. March !

We look forward to your visit on FRIDAY 16.3. and SATURDAY the 17.3. during business hours!

Listen to the difference that NETWORK CABLE and NETWORK FILTER can bring!

+ the new generation of KLIPSCH horn loudspeakers, HORN without HORNKLANG? KLIPSCH HERITAGE SERIES!

Good sound today is not without the most accurate inclusion of the power supply

more is possible !

Quotes Audiquest power cord and filter technology:

AC is anything but the perfect source of power. AC technology is more than a hundred years old and was never intended
to meet the requirements of current high-resolution audio-video components. AC noise comes from the power source,
is amplified by high frequency noise picked up by the power cord and gets to the power supplies of the components and to the ground of the circuit.
This produces distortions and, due to the "masking effect", signal losses at low levels.
In addition, power amplifiers may require large reserves of peak currents to allow their power supplies to respond quickly and then stabilize during dynamic audio passages.
While most power cords, power conditioners and regenerators provide some improvement, they are not up to the task.

Power amplifiers pose a real challenge to any AC power source, as the peak current requirements (even if short) are many times greater
average (RMS) power consumption. Power amplifiers differ from all other components in that
that power consumption is not constant but dynamic; it varies depending on the volume and content of the audio signal.
Many power cords have low DC resistance to meet some of these requirements;
However, the characteristic impedance of the power cord is equally responsible for ensuring trouble-free playback.
In many premium power cords, audio pulses are cropped or compressed because current peaks are trimmed by their characteristic impedance.

High purity ladder:
A carefully balanced set of solid conductors made of Long-Grain Copper (LGC) and high-purity Perfect-Surface Copper (PSC) prevents
the mutual influence of individual strands and thus a major cause of transient intermodulation distortions that lead to hearing fatigue.
LGC allows a softer and more transparent sound than standard OFHC copper (oxygen-free, high-conductivity copper).
Furthermore, the amazingly smooth and pure Perfect-Surface Copper eliminates roughness and significantly improves transparency compared to OFHC, OCC, 8N and other premium copper.

Uncompressed high-current transmission:

With 20 A RMS power supply capability at 125 VAC 50 / 60 Hz (16 A RMS at 220 - 240 VA 50 / 60 Hz), the Thunder / High-Current current spikes
withstand a multiple of the steady (average) RMS performance.
This predestines the Thunder / High-Current for use on a wide range of power conditioners, regenerators, AC isolation transformers
and AC battery backup devices as well as any power amplifiers, active subwoofers, powered speakers, A / V receivers, and power amplifiers.

Ground Noise Dissipation Technology:
AC ground conductors provide protection against the shortcomings of network cabling, but they also function as antennas.
Therefore, they are subject to the influence of high-frequency noise (HF).
This RF noise bypasses the component power supplies and is typically routed directly to the most sensitive audio-video circuits in a system.
AudioQuest's patented Ground-Noise Dissipation feature greatly reduces and delivers distortion
Unmatched level of noise dissipation over the highest possible radio frequency bandwidth. In our unique circuit topology
an arrangement for common-mode phase cancellation is used in combination with proprietary dielectric materials,
which cause an additional linear differential filtering.

Dielectric Bias System (DBS; US Pat # 7,126,055):

By virtue of the DBS generating a stable dielectric field for the primary capacitance area or the dielectric of the cable,
Ensures extended bandwidth and more uniformly filtered noise output eliminating distortion and overshoots
which still cause dissatisfaction with other cables, even after years of use and the so-called run-in time. In addition, the DBS ensures
that the RF noise-dissipation system works as linearly as possible.

Controlled directionality:

All drawn metal seats and conductors have an asymmetric and therefore directional grain structure.
The resulting changing RF impedances are controlled by AudioQuest so that the noise is channeled away from where it would cause distortion.

For more information, please visit the Homepage To this article.

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Linn Lounge: The Rolling Stones 22.3.18

Linn Lounge: The Rolling Stones 22.3.18

Visit Linn Lounge presents The Rolling Stones, and hear the "Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band in the World" in the best sound quality ever - as a Studio Master over a Linn system.

Immerse yourself in the mood of the songs and learn how these "bad boys" have contributed more to the definition of rock and roll than any other band.

Please register here!

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